@art-venture Project is Closing Down!

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.


Today we wanted to share with you an important decision that we slowly were approaching over last few months. I am saying we, that are @stef1 and my hubby @myskye who most of the time were acting as main Curator and runner of the Project. But we now came to the moment when we had to decide what is more important for us:

  • for @myskye fully concentrate on renovation of our house, because we are now combining Steemit and renovation that is why we are not able to do much for us
  • myself @stef1 I have now more tasks from my work place and more responsibilities, that require working unexpected hours and high level of staff who are getting sick and need to be covered.
  • we need time for us too after working non-stop since @art-venture was created in 2018 we did not miss a day


Thank you for the Supporters


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9jk.jpg . Unbenannt-1ya.jpg . x9JL6.jpg

a.jpg . 8PUYjsuRQ.jpg . 22.jpg




We would like to thank all of you who delegated your Steem Power for the Visual Art creators and we would like to ask you to withdraw it now

I will update @booming account operator Joanna about the closure of the Project, we may still have it till end of the month if we are lucky but it could also be stopped with immediate effect, will depend of the Steemit Team decision.

@stef1 account will still be around and we will use it to give Upvotes when we have time.






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I have followed your work for a long time and know how much effort you have put into it, how many hours a good curation means. I have experienced many highs, read about lows and strong disappointment. Nevertheless, you have always kept the ball rolling - and you can be proud of that, as of everything you have established in a wonderful way!

Ich wünsche euch alles, alles Gute für ein erweitertes Privatleben und freue mich darauf, wenigstens @stef1 immer mal wieder über den Weg laufen zu können!

Halle liebe Christiane,

Danke für deine netten Worte über unserer Arbeit, und wenn ich Arbeit sage dann meine ich wirklich Arbeit. Es hat täglich so viel Zeit in Anspruch genommen.
Langsam aber sicher hatten wir unser Interesse für das Magazin verloren, besonders mein Mann der von Tag zu Tag wenige und wenige Zeit mit der curation auf Steem verbracht hat. Das war dann das letzte Signal, mit dem Magazin erst einmal aufzuhören.

Wer weiß wie es weiter geht, aber wie du es schon gelesen hast, werden wir versuchen mit @Stef1 weiterhin da zu sein.

Ja, wir hatten auch ein paar schöne Frühlingstage, natürlich mit Kaffee und Kuchen. Ich wünsche dir auch eine schöne Woche,


Would you please remove the link it is not visible on Steemit. Thanks,

It's a shame to see it finish but I understand. You have helped support many artists the last few years and your hard work was much appreciated.
All the best for the future! :)

Hi Ian, nice to hear from you and hope you are doing well.

Yes, time to time we need breaks and some changes who knows it might start again. But currently we do not feel like we do efficient work as before and seems like drained out. We still continue @stef1 posts and not completely leaving :)

Oh @stef1, I wish you and hubby all the best. Many peaceful walks by the seaside, restful slumber, and high expectations of the dawn!

Thank you Ron, my hubby likely will be not much in but I will try to keep going with @stef1 account it will be easy to keep one account active :)

Hello friends, this news leaves me very surprised, I did not expect it. I wish you both all the success and happiness. I hope that all your projects and work achieve all your goals. I am going to miss you very much, since I arrived at Steemit I loved this beautiful art-venture artistic project.

Thanks for all the support!!

God bless you, you will always have a friend around here. 💜

Until when will you be on the platform, end of the month?

Yes, the projects start and finish, this one was running for last 4 years and we would like some break with it.

I wish you the best, lots of happiness and health, thanks for everything 💜

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:( I never expected to see this news one day. I am really sad. Because this project is a very fair curator and thanks to it, we had the chance to find great art posts in its every magazine. Thank you very much for putting your signature under such a wonderful project between your responsibilities in business life and real life and for bringing us together under the roof of @art-venture.

Thanks to you, I found the motivation to be active on Steemit. You have contributed a lot to my account on Steemit. Therefore, a special thank you very much.

I am always with you in your new projects or if you activate this project again ❤️

Since we started the project it was already stopped once and then restarted again, it just depends on what is happening around and how busy we are. We really enjoyed to learn so many creative Artists and friends of Artists and Photographers that it is a real small community. We will keep @stef1 running so on and off will be keeping Artists curated with "Stef" account.

You have grown up into confident and engaged leader and would be great to see that you are keep being one of our active member :)

Your thoughts about me made me very happy :) Thank you so much for your nice words :)

Although it sounds bad, but I hope all is well. Yes, I hope Art-venture support projects for all young artists can return as soon as possible. Thank you very much for all the support and good appreciation from you so far to us. Without you we are nothing.

Thanks @stef1 and thanks too @art-venture🙏

Thank you @ewiendos for your lovely words and it was nice to be able to highlight you for others. By the way, please withdraw your delegation too :)

oke thank you 😊

Wish you the best !

Hi Quentin, thank you for wishes and also we are around with @stef1 so will see you :)

Sad news. I wish you the best and I'm so grateful for all that you had meant to the community.
Art-venture has given us seriousness, honesty and professionalism, as well as a friendly and sincere welcome. I'll miss art-venture.

Hi Jorge, thank you for your lovely words and we are very happy to be able to support you. Despite of stopping our activity with @art-venture we will keep an eye on our Visual Art artists and try to support with @stef1 account that will keep producing posts and being around :)


By the way Jorge, please withdraw your delegation, thank you for support :)

I understand you, it's amazing with hours that you and your husband put into @art-venture. It will be a great loss not to see art-venture anymore. I have to thank you for all your time with @art-venture

I know it is also very strange for us, not to use our all seeing "eye", but we will see what the future will bring us :)

Hello friends, what sad news. I hope you are doing very well in your new project!

Thank you Frany, we will try to do our best and see how much time we can spend here :)

You have helped and supported many for so long, and of course I am very sorry to part with you. But I am sincerely grateful to you for your invaluable help and kindness. May everything always be fine with you!

Hi ALex, thank you very much for your supportive words, we are really appreciate them and we are very glad to to be able to be around to give highlight for your wonderful works and your skills. We will still be as @stef1 around even if @art-venture will not be active and will keep an eye on our Artists :)

Your words give hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Best wishes to the both of you for the future and thank you for all the time and effort you have put into art-venture over the last few years.
I will miss your magazine.
Hopefully the community will continue to use the #art-venture tag when posting so it's easy to find the usual good content.

Thank you for warm words and you constant support and encouragement. I also hope that our tag will be used in the future :)

oooh i understand :/ ...i will miss it anyways.


Thank you Edga, we stop @art-venture but @stef1 is still there so hope to keep cheering up you :)

You have said it very well my friend @stef1, every project has a beginning and an end.
Changes always bring with them new expectations. I am sure that they will be very successful in their personal projects and that they will return with an excellent project that will help strengthen the artists of this great Community.
I am grateful and proud to have had your great support, not only for my work but also for many of my friends and fellow Steemians.
My best wishes, happiness and health to you and your husband @myskye.

Thank you @skinnygirl for your nice words and it was a pleasure to support you with @art-venture :) Thank you for your wishes.

I can totally understand you and I often wondered how you could have such dedication. We are also building at home now and it´s complicated to find time when one´s life is upside down. I have great appreciation for your curation work you did all this time and wish you very good luck in your renovation. I look forward to your posts as @stef. Saludos!

Thank you Romanie for your supportive words, it is indeed very difficult to combine everything and tried our best to keep it going for longer time. I hope you also moving forward with your building work, luckily you have more sunny day that probably gives some positive energy and good mood. We will see what else we will be able to finish this summer, of course a lot depends on finance :)

  ·  6 months ago 

Happy every day

witness vote for @boylikegirl.wit, you will get daily rewards and upvoted. More dev plans will be implemented with your support!


Hola Mira mi obra

Very sad news... hope to see you around when things calm down in real life...
On the other hand, maybe you will find more time for your own hobbies...
Good luck!

We definitely find more time with any other stuff especially now when we are approaching summer time :)

You have been on the platform since my beginnings, and since then I really liked your project to support Steemit's quality artists.

You did a hard job during these years, with each magazine, support, comment or vote!

One of the best and most beautiful projects that the platform has, never expect to see the end! I want to thank you for all the support towards my art and that of the friends of the community, we will always be grateful for your effort, dedication and love of art.

Much success to both of you, I hope you make a successful makeover and lead a long and happy life.

Thousands of blessings, a big hug from Venezuela, we will never forget you! 💙💙💙🙏🏼🎨

Hi Stefany, thank you for such warm comment and it is a pleasure to learn you, you followed us the whole way till now. We love your kind and open personality, you are such gain for our Community. Despite of closing @art-venture we are around here, so please do not disappear :)

Thank you very much for everything, you were an incredible support for this great community of artists, not only voting, but also encouraging everyone to publish their work regardless of quality, theme or technique, and that is very appreciable, but it is always good to return to the time in the things that really matter to us and are real, I hope they do very well <3 <3 they are the best....

Persolmente estoy muy agradecida con @stef1 <3

Hi Fanny, thank you for your beautiful feedback it is so important to know that what we did was well accepted by users but also that people felt it. I always value communication as that is the door to the hearts of other people and I am glad that you felt being noticed and supported by us. Hopefully will see you around :)

I think I'll be here for a while, but if not, good art is everywhere. thank you very much

Super agradecido por todo el apoyo que brindaron a los artistas de steemit. Les Deseo la mejor de las suerte. Saludos y bendiciones!

Thank you Adrian, we were happy to support your creative personality and learn so much from your works. :)

Aww unbelievable, this is so unpleasant to many young artists, I could vividly remember it been almost four years or so for the great work to support young artists, the wonder part is that, you dedicated much of that time to support people, you are indeed did very well! I want to wish you all the best with your new decision

There is time for everything in life, I pray things will fall into pleasant places for you, you and your family are protected, God bless but of a truth, everyone will definitely miss your wonderful support, dedication, and timely active to ensure young artist got support.

All the best @stef1 and @myskye


Thank you @davidad for your warm words, very appreciate, it is good to know that what we did was seen and accepted well. It is really long journey and we are proud of the Artists we managed to gather under the hat of WOX. We only hope that they continue being there and producing their creative works.

Hi! I saw the message, it's a pity to close the project but the end of something only represents the beginning of something new. I wish you the best of strength and prosperity for your new projects! and thank you very much for all the times you supported my work, a hug and good vibes! =)

  ·  7 months ago 

Очень жаль. Замечательный и вдохновляющий проект. От художников художникам. Много раз видела и даже сама получала от вас поддержку. Было здорово.

Sadly. A wonderful and inspiring project. From artists to artists. I have seen it many times and even received support from you myself. It was great.

You did a lot for artists. It was a great support

Thank you, we hope that the Artists have benefited from the project too :)