Art-venture Magazine No. 456 - Power Up and use #club5050

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No. 456



Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.




Welcome to our Magazine and we are happy to present you our selection today. It is our pleasure to find so many active users who do create their posts on daily basis. To tell the truth the number of Visual Art creators is increased during this months and we are happy to be able to give you another chance to show up together with others in one place, the Art-Venture magazine.

It is also a pleasure to see the comments of our users under the others posts, that means that we are heard and people despite being busy also try to comment around.


Please be active and engaged, only then you will be seen. We hope that other users who posting #steemexclusive on Steemit and using this tag will be seen by @steemcurator01.


enjoy our selection




Trenner groß.png


Today's selected Artist


Portrait of a Dancer By @jmkartworks





Trenner groß.png


Portraiture✏️✏️✏️ by @davosimple





Trenner groß.png


Study Sketch - (Still Life Composition with Much Details). by @tezzmax





Trenner groß.png


First marker drawing this year) by @elenasteem





Trenner groß.png


Peces dorados by @barbarabezina





Trenner groß.png


Dibujo de Retrato de Modelo Emely by @marcocosta





Trenner groß.png


Lee Jung-jae sketch (PowerUp 100%) by @eugeneshokare





Trenner groß.png


Painting "Adele" jazz singer by @ewiendos





Trenner groß.png


Dude de la Pinterest - Drawing by @piotrgrafik





Trenner groß.png


A Portrait of Contrast; Arnold Schoenberg by @ezunjoshy






Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye


@art-venture Power Up snapshot



Trenner groß.png





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Thanks so much for the mention! Congratulations to all the other artists. This is a beautiful selection of works! Most of all I liked the work. Portrait of a Dancer By @jmkartworks

Thank you for stopping by and for your nice words, I am also fan on the painting with Dancer :)

Very much appreciate your kind words, @steem-venera. I am grateful to be included, and for your attention to my work.

Honestly speaking, these artworks are dope. When I first saw the still-life composition my friend @tezzmax did, I had to just call the dude and hand it to's mind blowing.
And to think of the realistic oil painting by @jmkartworks 🕺. I had to check over and again doing some kind of zooming

These works are great and correct me if I'm wrong but this is one magazine with way more pencil works than usual and all are stunning. I'm really flattered mine was included though.... thanks for the privilege.

Thanks @ezunjoshy for your comment. Very glad to be included in this issue and to be in such good company, with yourself, @tezzmax and the other artists. Cheers!

The pleasure's all mine.

Thank you brother.


Thank you for your nice pencil work :)

Thanks for the feature too.

Thank you for your nice description @ezunjoshy, yes, sometimes simple can be complex, it just depends how we will look at them. Yes, this time we have more works done with pencil. As in the past pencil is and will be the favourite tool for any Artist :)

Many nice works on the list, but my favorite this time is Portrait of a Dancer by @jmkartworks. It remainds me of Johannes Vermeer, especially his (sun)light in the paintings. I'm glad this author made it to your list with his painting.

Yes,it is obvious that John Michael is amazing artist, it is good to have such people on our blockchain :)

Thanks again, @zorank. I am humbled by your very kind comment on my work, and I really appreciate being included in this list.

Thanks so much @art-venture for this great honor. It means so much to me.

As always every picks of yours has always been great with exceptional creativity. Congratulations to the winners

Thank you too, it is nice to see you after so long time :)

School, and many work loads kept a bit distant.

You know that the realm of art needs a great amount of studiousness

this is really beyond my expectations, my post can be re-elected. Many thanks to @art-venture, @word-ofxpilar and the entire team from word-ofxpilar who always support talented young artists in their work. And I congratulate the other artist friends, who were also chosen by the word-ofxpilar team

Thank you

Thank you too @ewiendos for detailed work, human face is and will be one of the favourite topics for any Artist :)

I am glad my drawing came through again this time. The drawing was really time consuming but I feel the comments and engagements I'm getting on it are compensating all I had faced while trying it out!

Thanks for always @art-venture

You showed good contrast between the highlighted are where t he sun dropping and shadow. Nice work!

Thanks Fam!

Thank your for selecting my post @art-venture I really appreciate it, and congratulations to the other artists ;)

Thank you too, nice portrait and it was a pleasure to have you among our other Artists :)

Felicidades a los ganadores, excelentes trabajos presentados

Thank you for being around and glad you like our works :)

Gracias a ti @art-venture por permitir un espacio para presentar los trabajos de los artistas en esta comunidad, es un proyecto donde nuestra retina se deleita viendo tan hermosas presentaciones de todos los que participan en tu ventana

great creator and work love to see this amazing

Thank you for stopping by, we are glad you like them :)

Amazing art work

Thank you for your nice feedback :)

Wow... No les llego ni a los talones a estos artistas... :"v cada vez que aprendo algo nuevo me doy cuenta de que hay mucho más de lo que no se v":

Thank you for such lovely words, appreciate for your feedback :)

"Peces dorados by @barbarabezina" me encanta :)

Extraño pez @camposart

Si, me encanta!!

Cómo se llama ese pez amigo

Me alegra que te guste! @camposart
@heribertor, es un pez inventado :)))

There is beautiful patters, look like Stippling but also beautiful colour combination :)

#club5050 😊

Thank you for support :)

excellent works of great quality, how beautiful to see that the art in steemit is top of the line, greetings

Thank you @betzaelcorvo we are glad to be able to support Art and accommodate many of original creators :)

Thank you! ♥♥♥ Congratulations to all!

Thank you Barbara :)


Thank you Elke, just for the note that Steem exclusive posts could be nominated for booming :)

Yes I now...
Have a nice weekend!

Ecxelente selección @art-venture me sorprende la calidad y técnica presente en la comunidad

Thank you @marcotatuajes, we are glad that you have the same feeling like us and it is nice to have in our Community :)

Always, @worldofxpilar es mi comunidad, un gran saludo @art-venture

All the artists are amazing, all of them excellent work. Greetings.

Thank you Stefany for stopping by and we are glad you like them :)