Art-venture Magazine No. 453 - Power Up and use #club5050

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No. 453



Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.




Welcome to our Magazine and we are happy to present you another 10 Users who deserved our attention today. It is interesting to see different topics and theme of different people. We also see different techniques and interpretation of what you dear Artists would like to present.

Here we also wanted to highlight the importance if commenting and as an example to draw your attention to interesting post of one of WOX Moderators @the-gorilla who did an analysis of comments on WOX posts and here is hte result:



I hope you are engaging with others and building up your circle of friends.


Please be active and engaged, only then you will be seen. We hope that other users who posting #steemexclusive on Steemit and using this tag will be seen by @steemcurator01.


enjoy our selection




Trenner groß.png


Today's selected Artist


Nicole thinking about life By @davekavanagh





Trenner groß.png


EASTERN EXPOSURE by @elishanyong





Trenner groß.png


Black Widow by @fashionphotos





Trenner groß.png


A Pencil Portrait of 'Nick Fury' as Played by Samuel Jackson by @ezunjoshy





Trenner groß.png


The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #087 - Vestida de Papel by @josertalaverag





Trenner groß.png


PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK # 060 - Retrato de perfil de Brigitte Bardot en grafito by @betzaelcorvo





Trenner groß.png


📷Photography by @marcoteixeira





Trenner groß.png


Even The Undead Have Their Needs - painting by @piotrgrafik





Trenner groß.png


Pennywise by @patipat





Trenner groß.png


Paint with me! Step by step by






Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye


@art-venture Power Up snapshot



Trenner groß.png





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Honestly, I am stunned by @josertalaverag's photo. I don't know if my eyes deceive me but the fact that those papers aren't rumpled will take hours....Neat.
I'm also glad my piece was included 😊. Thanks for the privilege art-venture.....these works are dope 👌

Yes, I really love that one too it might have take a lot of time. I wonder if anyone would go out in such dress :)

Lol, if they eventually do, they better pray it does not rain 😂

nice post

Thank you :)

Excelente trabajos presentados, pero como en todo concurso, hay ganadores, felicidades a los seleccionados

Thank you for viewing our Artists, glad that you like them :)

Excelente concurso que organiza, buenas las participaciones

#club5050 😀

Great, thank you for visiting our Visual Art Magazine :)


Thank you :)

a picture that has artistic value that is really very perfect, you are a true artist

We are glad to present such variety of talented people and it is nice to have them all in one place :)

Buena selección!

Thank you Adrian, glad to see you around and thank you for your supporting words :)

Que buenos trabajos y gran selección disfruto viviendo cada uno de estas piezas

Thank you for stopping by and glad you like our selection :)

Alwais :D

great joy to know that the work bore positive results thanks to the great support of the @ art-venture magazine for working and supporting the artists in steemit greetings to all and great works to enjoy

Thank you @betzaelcorvo for being around and for your active creative personality :)

Amazing selections I really love these works of art and photography. I really wish they are more supporter of art like you @art-venture

Great choice and selection of artwork as usual! :)

It is always a pleasure to see new work and the interpretation of art. There are many ways to express feelings and this kind of exposure to new artists is a great way to start.
Keep up with the good work!

PS. Loved the black widow photo!