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Venice Beach, California is known for its many things, their murals, artist, musicians, street entertainers, skateboarders, surfing, muscle beach, basketball, and of course the strange, bizzare and crazy.

Walking home last Friday night was one of those nights... we came accross a large Safe which appeared to have been dragged blocks using a heavy duty tarp.

It was just left there on the sidewalk, alone, unopened on well traveled street in Venice Beach and Santa Monica a block away from a major intersection of Ocean Park and Neilson Way. Cars going by and nobody stopped or reported it. No police. Just us staring at this lost Safe on a green tarp. It appears to have been opened as the hinges were ripped off.


We kicked it a few times to see if it was full or would pop open, but it didn't move. We didn't want to touch it and get our fingerprints on it for obvious reasons. Reported it to the police and went on our normal way.

Cut to the next afternoon walking back from lunch, there it was, my lonely friend, the Safe! It appeared someone fliped it over on its side this time. Must have been a really rough weekend for that poor Safe ;). But more bizzare then it still being there was that the green tarp that was under it was gone!


Just a normal non-normal day in Venice Beach! I checked Monday evening and it was finally removed... by whom, who knows. Hope you enjoyed the mystery as much as we did.

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WTF! This is fckn insane! Of course no SMPD, they are like rent-a-cops.... If it was about a parking ticket, they'd send out 4 cruisers and a copter! Anything in the news about the safe?

Yes its beyond bizzare! Even for Venice, maybe its the new normal. And yes, no Santa Monica PD petrol there and nowhere to be seen.

Man, its just so weird! Still can't believe SMPD didn't come by! If it was a meter maid being yelled at they would have the whole PD come down on your ass!

So true. Mind boggaling how they'll give a jaywalking ticket but wont check out a huge safe on a sidewalk.

Hahaha. Nice one.

Strangly random, even for Venice Beach.