Morocco Travels #5 - Port Essaouria Part 2

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Morocco's historic Atlantic port city of Essaouira, is not only known for its seafood and fish markets as seen in my prior post Morocco Travels #4 - Port Essaouria Part 1, but also for The Castelo Real of Mogador the Medieval fortress first built in early 1500's by the Portuguese, later destroyed and rebuilt by the French for the Moroccan King in the 1770's. The fortress was also used in Season 3 of Game of Thronesand also John Wick 3

Photos of Mogadortaken Wednesday, November 10th.
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Ricoh GR III

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This be so cool and I checked out on YT the shots of GOT Season 3. Also saw that John Wick 3 was shot there as well. Do you check that out?

Right! Yes I heard and recall John Wicke. I was going to post that as well, but was running out of time. Here is a better GOT. Also John Wick

That is so cool... I remember those scene with John Wick 3! you know it would have been great hanging out partying with that guy!

There is something cool... that would have been a real tour guide of Morocco and a great party as well!

I am glad to stay your shared Atlantic port city w/ my romantic wife in the chilled cold season:-) I hope you enjoyed on your own joy style on clouds nine joy in this chilled cold season in those beautiful places you pictured
Enjoy w/ joy

Thank you! Yes it was a beautiful country to visit!