Morocco Travels #4 - Port Essaouria Part 1

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After encountering Goats in Trees, our 3 hour road trip from MArrakech took us to the Atlantic port city of historic Essaouira,Known for its seafood, medina, beach resorts, kitesurfing and windsurfing, its also has a fortified city built by the French for the Moroccan King in the 1770's.

The first part of our visit was exploring the port and fish market of Essaouria. The seafood offerings was, well, ranged from shrimp to shark.

Photos taken Wednesday , November 10th.
Please zoom in!


She was not happy and likely cursed me. I made the motions to show I deleted the photo and apologized. Clearly I took multiple photos. :)







This was the smaller shark. There was a bigger, alive one being unloaded at the dock, that they would not let me photograph.


Ricoh GR III

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Wow! The first shot of the grandma cursing you is maybe your best street life photos! She's not happy at all. That's the small shark? WTF! Would have loved to see the one on the dock. Did any of the others get that shot? Tony?

Yap! I was shocked on how good it came out! Hopefully good enought to print and frame. She was yelling someting half arabic and berber. Usualy Tony has a trove of photos.

Well make sure you post or send to me. Nothing on Tony's IG. How did that place smell? Did you guys hit the local restaurant?

The stench was beyond dead fish! And there was this muddy guck on the ground we had to avoid stepping in! Yes we hit up one of the top cafes.... seafood was epic!

The fish are big times in the market , thank you very much, sir, for the information, it is very useful for me, continue to be successful, sir and always be healthy, I hope your business continues smoothly 🙏

It was a great experiance. Thank you!