Morocco Travels #2 - Golden Hour

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More on my amazing first international trip since Covid.
Our adventure started in Marrakesh, Morocco
and took us to many other beautiful regions,
including the Agafay Desert

Following a day racing quads throughout the desert,
upon out returned to camp we were greated with this
desert golden hour; taken Tuesday, November 9th.




Ricoh GR III

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This is so amazing. Of course you got a sunset pix! Still can't accept you didn't take me on that trip! At least no Seagull bombs ;)

Almost funny! You know that wasn't going to happen! I'll be posting many Seagull photos as well.

Yap! What would an armentor post be without seagulls!!! What a trip!

Glad to see your fabulous photography shots shared by you:-)
W/ greetings and blessings

Thank you :)

That image style is really beautiful 🤩

Thanks You!