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Amazing first international trip since Covid. Our adventure started in Marrakesh, Morocco and took us to many other beautiful regions.

We drove a couple hours south west of Marrakech towards the High Atles Mountains, North Africa's higherest mountain range know by the local Berbers as "Idraren Draren' (the Mountains of Mountains). We ended up at the Agafay Desert, where we rented quads for the day. Some challenging terrain, ranging from larges rocks to the finest powdow-like sand. Felt like we were in a Mad Max movie. The Atles Mountains will be in the background of some of the photos. Taken Tuesday, November 9th.






Ricoh GR III

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What a trip! Those trails look more like rocks and not gravel... must have been a bit sketchy, right? When was the last you rode quads?

It was dangerous as eff! 2 guys almost crashed, went off the trails The rocks wer 1-4 inches and jagged. But also the finest powder. I'm still hacking up flem, but it was a blast. Its been maybe 2 decades since I was on a quad!

That's insane!!! wtf! Didn't they check on what type of trail it was. That does sound like some Mad Max shit! Did you crash?

Never! I was staying back with a couple other guys who were skilled to let the slow ones give us room to play. i was doing donuts and figure 8's. The guide kepts asking me to calm down, but he know I had skills!

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Thank you!!!

Hello friend,I am glad to see your adventures trip tracks and scenes it's
great mind blowing scenes shared,your photographs was mind blowing
Have a great day
With greetings and blessings

Thank you !

You had a great adventure. Nice photographs. Cool vehicles.😃

Thanks :)