Hollywood Forever Cemetery

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Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Is one of the oldest cemeteries in Los Angeles,
California and the Hollywood's only cemetery.
It was founded in 1899, which is considered very
old for California. There are many celebraties who
are buried there, including rock stars like Johnny and
Dee Dee Remone, Chris Cornell and Scott Weiland.

For almost two decades, the Cemetery
has held many cultural events with movie screenings and live
concerts, which we attended this past Thursday.



HWSept30 .jpg


One of the most famous actresses.


Ricoh GR III

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Wow! I knew I should of met up with you! The last time we went was not like this. So cool. Wasn't George Harrison buried there some place or maybe a service?

Well it was an awesome night. The band was Lord Huron were actually good. I recall that George was cremated there with a ceramony and his ashes were spread over the ocean.

That sound's like something he'd want. But I'm not old enough to remember Beatles trivia like you ;)

You know I will beat you as rock trivia be it 1960's or 2010's! You should come with us next time we go.

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Thank you again for your support and I did add the #art-venture.

The images are amazing.

Thank you!