Golden Hour ~ California Sunsets

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“There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.”
~ Carlos Santana ~

Golden Hour, taken Thursday,
October 14th from
Ocean Park, California



Ricoh GR III

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That shot is down Hart Ave right? It's almost like a photo from the 80's. Was someone a bit late for the sunset?!?

Well, yes a bit late and it was a tad chilli. I had just gotten off the bike trail and was lagging, but it turned out to be a a cool autumn sunset.

Still a great shot. Maybe you should lag more often. Grab an IPA or two and chill on the porch!

Almost funny. Work on your humor and bring me down a case of Racer 5 this weekend!

The people who live in such apartments or houses just in front of beach are lucky they can see such beautiful sky every day :)

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It is magical living here and very fortunate... A different pianting each evening, none the same!

Thank you for your generous support!