California Sunsets ~ Golden Hour

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“The horizon is the fine line between
golden hour and blue hour.”
~ Destin Sparks ~

Taken Monday, October 25th, from
Santa Monica, California



Ricoh GR III

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You were lucky to catch up such colour combination :)

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Very fortunate and as you know, this time of year blesses us with Mother Nature's best work :)
Thank you for the momination!

Yo! I want these prints now! So surreal, the lone Seagull heading home after a long say of sushi! So peaceful. Hopefully you have a "visitor" for this sunset ;)

Yes. When I get back from my trip we will explore where best to get the prints. Also, I did have a visitor this weekend!

Yo... Send me pix of the "visitor", Also also bring me back something from the trip.

Haha, I'll do my best and yes I'll send you some pics!

This is really an awesome sunset. Resteemed.

Its the best time of year for sunsets. Thanks!

Looks awesome. I love to admire the setting of the sun.

Thank you :)

I like watching the clouds more. I can predict what the weather will be like tomorrow. I spent 38 years at sea. And I understand this a little. You can also tell by the setting of the sun. Thanks again for your creativity. I apologize for the poor translation. I will give a link in Russian.

Я больше люблю наблюдать за облаками. Я могу предсказать по ним какая завтра будет погода. Я 38 лет проходил в море. И в этом немного разбираюсь. По закату солнца тоже можно определить. Ещё раз спасибо за ваше творчество. Извеняюсь за плохой перевод. Дал ссылку на Русском языке.

Beautiful sunset


Destin Sparks has said it well. Your sunset photos are showing the beauty of that fine line.

Yes he did! Thank you!