California Sunsets ~ Golden Hour

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"When your world moves too fast,
and you lose yourself in the chaos,
introduce yourself to each color of the sunset."
~ Christy Ann Martine ~

A Surreal Sunset, November 18h, from
Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California





Ricoh GR III

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That first shot with the reflections is surreal! And the Seagulls heading home for the night to Malibu is awesome. You really need to get some of these on prints. Is the quality good enough?

Thanks brotha. Yes I need to talk to Kurt about the best place and what size the prints should be for quality. You know anyone?

Just have Kurt do it for you! He owes you so many favors!!! You should do a limited run of prints.

I will see what I can do... as you know I'v been spending lots of time at the hospital.

Muy hermoso tu paisaje 😍🤗

Muchos gracias!