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A couple of days ago I saw at my dachshund's neck, this Ixodida !!!
I don’t know when it stuck to my dachshund, but it was very big, and drank a lot of blood already ... !!!


In the evening after the hike in the forest, this huge Ixodida was not there, as I stroked and checked my dachshund Aya ...
And in the morning I was horrified when I saw this huge creature on the neck of my dog, brightly iridescent on the nape (((

So check yourself after going to the forest or park, as these creatures are very contagious!


Take care of yourself and your loved ones and see you soon!


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These creatures are terrible. Once they latch on they are difficult to get off. I give my dog preventative medication. There is also a small tool you can use to remove them.


Make sure that you check your own skin for ticks. If they are biting your dog, they are wanting to bite you too.

Thank you very much, I'll take that into account!