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Greetings beautiful World Of Xpilar community. 💙🎨

Today I am pleased to present you another of my creative works. Last Sunday we celebrated Father's Day, a very special date to honor the men who have raised us, trained us, and given us all the affection and love throughout our lives.

Collage made on Canva

I had the pleasure of enjoying that day with my dear father, my mother and my older brother. If you want to know how I enjoyed it, I invite you to visit my next post:

Cover of my publication

Today I present to you two drawings that I had the opportunity to make for two very dear fathers from different families:

First Drawing

In this case, it is a very special portrait, because it was a commission that I carried out in 2018, for my second grade teacher, named Mary, for her father, on Father's Day.

My realistic portrait #1

It was a great challenge to achieve every detail of the faces, shadows, lights, relief of the skin... But thank God I did it, and both my teacher and her father were delighted with the final result.

As the drawing was sent by means of a parcel, I do not have a photograph of the delivery, but I do have the process of creating the drawing, which is also special because it was the first one I recorded, reducing the 3 hours of work in just seconds:

Realistic portrait coloring process

Second Drawing:

I made this family portrait in 2019, for this much-loved family man. His wife, Yeniffer, contacted me to carry out this beautiful gift for his birthday. It was a challenge because in addition to drawing the 3 people, I had to draw the 2 mouse friends that we all know 😁 Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

My realistic portrait #2

I definitely enjoyed putting together this colorful portrait.

Delivery of the realistic portrait to Yeniffer

Let's enjoy our parents always, just like our whole family. Every moment is a precious treasure. I hope that all parents on the platform have enjoyed their day with their children, family and friends. God bless you all, thank you for loving and teaching us, your children.

For me it is a great honor to have contributed to these special days, dedicated to honoring a father, through my realistic portraits. Seeing the happiness of the families and the gifted person fills me with much gratitude and motivation. God is good. 💙🙏🥰

💖 Thanks for reading me 💖

Achievement 1: My Introduction.

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Stefany que preciosos dibujos, te felicito. Esos dos padres quedaron felices con sus retratos. Con tu arte regalas felicidad y plasmas hermosos momentos vividos.

Te felicito mucho, bendiciones.💜💜

Gracias Carlita. Me alegran mucho tus lindas palabras hacia mi trabajo, Dios te bendiga.🙏💙

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Thanks for the support. what happiness. 💗☺

Hermosa publicación @arcayart!!! Me encantó cada dibujo que realizaste ❤ sin dudas sabes alegrar a las personaz con tu bellas obras. Me alegra que pasaras un día maravilloso al lado de tu padre. Te deseo muchas bendiciones 🙏

Gracias ❤ 🙂 Es maravilloso llevar alegría a las personas con mi arte, un abrazo. Bendiciones igualmente.

Excelente publicación @arcayart! Tus retratos son muy especiales, siempre haces feliz a las personas que reciben las entregas. Estoy seguro que los padres que recibieron estos hermosos regalos deben estar más que contentos. Te felicito y te deseo éxitos siempre

Muy felices quedaron, gracias a Dios. Es muy gratificante para mi tan lindo apoyo. Gracias y bendiciones. 💙🙏

Perfectly! You draw wonderfully. Amazing!

Greetings. Thank you very much for your kind support, I really appreciate it. ☺💙

Hermosos talento sobrina. Cada día más orgullosa de tí. Dios te bendiga para que siempre nos alegres los días con tus hermosas y grandiosas pinturas. Feliz día🙏🌸💚🌻

Gracias mi querida tia, la quiero mucho. Dios la bendiga siempre. Besos para todos. ☺


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Wow!! What a realistic portrait !! your talent is wonderful

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your support, you are a great artist. 🥰