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Many may not know, or have missed the Aceh-Team Local Curation Trail in Xpilar World. The WORLD OF XPILAR community, has a Local Aceh-Team, which already has Members, more than 35 members, and counting, to vote or support, both manually and Trace Curation.

With the spirit of giving the power of sound, together for the achievement of votes that will be given to every user or Local Aceh-Team, We are personally very grateful to the Developer and Maker of the Trail Curation Trail Application, namely @xpilar as the World Of Xpilar Community Admin.

then it is deemed necessary, to create a curation account @aceh-team , in order to be able to vote, together with followers, on each User Post, Aceh-Team Local Member, in the World Of Xpilar Community.


To start it, then we must first, open this page


you will get this option, click Login/Register to join and in order to use it :

Below, I have compiled, some words of explanation and pictures, which will take you, to follow the Curation Trail in the Local Aceh-World Xpilar Community Team.

Let's start with :

  • Press "Login/Register"
  • See image below


Next :

  • Press "Continue"
  • See image below


Next :

  • Enter "Paswood Active Key"
  • Press "Get Started"
  • See image below


Next :

  • Press "Log In"
  • See image below


Furthermore, the appearance of the application has changed:

  • Press Menu "Select Curation Trail"
  • See image below


Next :

  • watch the numbers
    1 . Choose Curation Trail
  • Search For a trail
    2 . Fill in the name "aceh-team"
    3 . Press Search
  • Description See picture below


Next :
4 . Search Name "Aceh-Team" has been seen
5 . Press "Follow"

  • Description See picture below


Next :

  1. Press Settings"
  • Description See picture below


Then the application display image changes:

  • Below, there are some small spaces, which you have to fill, according to the numbers, that you want, to run or vote, to other users.
  • Pay attention to numbers and arrows
  • don't forget to press the "save settings" sign
  • Description See picture below


Then the application display image changes again, then you will see, you have completed all the settings properly, then we will see something like the image below :


Next, what you have to do is: Refresh your web browser page, or re-click on the "Curation Trail" section of the page, then, the application page will look like below, and all you have done has been successful, using the "Worldofxpilar Curation Trail" application. com"

  • see arrow below
  • watch the pictures



Now you can Follow in the footsteps of Local Aceh-Team Curation Trail

as you have seen above, that's the way, to join the trail curation account @aceh-team .

This account was created thanks to the support of @xpilar, which is no secret, has made many Steemians grow and develop, in the steem community, and @xpilar, people who are very active in giving voice and support, to aceh Steemians.

For the implementation, we will do it in stages, to provide support, to all Acehnese Steemians in particular and Indonesian Steemians in general.

For other information, you can ask directly, the manager of this account is @sultan-aceh . via comments, or other comments in the comments below.

aceh-team (2).png

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and I am also very supportive for the Aceh team to rise in the future to be able to achieve the best.

thank you so much

I wish you success and always develop in the future and will continue to grow as time goes by

thank you so much

yes, you're welcome

information like this is very helpful for members who don't know it, hopefully in the future it will continue to grow and be successful always

thank you so much

This is good information, we all can learn it here easily,for those who can't, they can see step by step here.

thank you so much

Benar-benar informasi yang sangat bermanfaat terkait cara-cara bergabung dalam Curation trial @aceh-team ..
Semoga kedepannya terus maju dan selalu bertambah anggota yang bergabung disana .

thank you so much

You'r welcome

information like this is very helpful for members who don't know it, the explanation is quite easy to understand. However, if anyone still understands, you can directly ask the manager of @aceh-team, namely @sultan-aceh. Warm welcome from this local community. We wish you continued development and success in the future.

thank you so much

Ini informasi yang sangat berguna buat kita semua

thank you so much

Thanks for info.
Does this trail vote to each member of trail ?

very useful and useful information for all of us may @aceh-team always be successful always.