Crypto UP / Crypto Down (analysis among the top 100) [November 9, 2021]

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EN - Litecoin (LTC), in the last 24 hours has made a + 18.76% and today is worth $ 245.43.
IT - Litecoin (LTC), nelle ultime 24 ore ha fatto un +18,76% ed oggi vale 245,43 $.


EN - Avalanche (AVAX), in the last 7 days has made a + 38% and today is worth $ 90.38.
IT - Avalanche (AVAX), negli ultimi 7 giorni ha fatto un +38% ed oggi vale 90,38$.


EN - Revain (REV), was down 4.74% in the past 24 hours and is worth $ 0.015 today.
IT - Revain (REV), nelle ultime 24 ore ha fatto un -4,74% ed oggi vale 0,015 $.


EN - Decentraland (MANA), in the last 7 days has made a -15.88% and today is worth $ 2.65.
IT - Decentraland (MANA), negli ultimi 7 giorni ha fatto un -15,88% ed oggi vale 2,65$.


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Nice post....

thanks for your appreciation, these kind of posts help me better understand the cryptocurrency market

this post is very helpful for the latest information about the price of the coin. very good @stefano.massari

thanks for the feedback, I think I will post like this more often. This kind of post help me monitor the market more efficiently

yes, I totally agree with posts like that, at least for those of us who don't really understand, we can understand about coin prices. and I feel very lucky to have friends who are ready to share about the price of coins like this, thank you very much for the information, friends. @stefano.massari

litecoin is bitcoin or what @steefeno.massari..? Is there an application that generates Litecoin directly..??

[WhereIn Android] (

Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin, it is always one built on a proof of work blockchain, but little more faster than Bitcoin in transactions

thank you @steefano.massari,, I just understood the meaning of letcoin..
where I started this morning there was no internet connection, due to heavy rain... was there rain or not?

Here in Italy we are in autumn and I can confirm that there are days of rain. I like the sun

it's the same, I also like the sun, but it's been raining here for 4 days 4 nights, the weather here has started to rain.. thank you @steefano.massari yes, you have helped me a lot, wherein application can't run now I'm using google chrome.

December will be good for crypto hopefully

if the market goes down it will still be an opportunity to accumulate, but I also believe that we could see growth in the coming months

Of these, I would prefer Ltc. Decentraland (MANA) rates go down. But this coin did a big pump a few days ago...

your opinion is interesting and i think you may be right

Thanks for these analyzes, in these times of changes in terms of cryptocurrencies, we must be analyzing the trend of them, and also the decisions that each country makes regarding its foray into this world since depending on factors such as these there will be increases and downs.

we need to monitor the market, they will be decisive months, I believe that in end 2022 there will be another market rise

You always keep us up to date. Indeed a worthy information.

thanks for appreciating my posts ... let's keep in touch and updated

Thanks for sharing
Good information..

Thanks for stopping by! Let’s keep updated about crypto market

is this a good or bad sign, what are the predictions of the experts for the end of the year and the beginning of the year ?

the market may rise or fall in the coming months, but in 2 or 3 years it will be higher than now

I also hope it's like that, indeed your posts are always interesting to visit sir

Thank you for keeping us informed regarding the monetary value. Greetings.

doing a good research now will help us in our purchases and give us some satisfaction in 2025

Ltc is very potential coin I think, but it takes too time to up...

I agree ... I specify that I think exactly like you. In my opinion it is still underestimated

Litecoin è una crypto che ho sempre visto ma non ho mai approfondito...

Fino a quando la gente non scoprirá STELLAR (le transazioni vanno veloci con tasse bassissime), LITECOIN verrà usato e crescerà di prezzo, a mio avviso è ancora un po’ sotto al suo valore reale.

Io avevo comprato parecchi stellar ma da quel momento è calato un sacco quindi boh , non so che dire , pure a me piace come progetto però non esplode mai

Per ció che mi riguarda io scambio in Stellar se devo convertire crypto e farle girare negli exchange... è veloce e le tasse sono bassissime.

Brother, you have written a very good post about Crypto Up and Crypto Down

Thanks for stopping by, I try to monitor the market as much as possible to understand it better and better


Sono sicuro che queste monete avranno un prezzo gonfiato nei prossimi 2 anni.

[WhereIn Android] (

Staremo a vedere, ma ci sono progettinin quesyo elenco che possono avere un buon futuro, come TERRA e LITECOIN. Tu che ne pensi di questi due progetti?

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Brother @stefano.massari, your post is very good about Crypto Up and Crypto Down

Semoga crypto di bulan ini akan lebih meningkatkan harganya, terimakasih banyak bapak atas informasinya @stefano.massari

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