The Best Photo of the Week Contest - week 40 – La colazione mattutina / The morning breakfast

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Con questa foto partecipo al Contest The Best Photo Italy – week 40

Particolare del mio giardino di mattina, quando puntuali per l’ora di colazione arrivano Tortore, passerotti, merli e qualche volta la Gazza Ladra!

Tantissime energie positive a tutti voi

Grazie per il tempo dedicato a leggere il mio post

Foto di mia proprietà scattate con il mio smartphone Sony Xperia


With this photo I participate in the Contest The Best Photo Italy - week 40

Detail of my garden in the morning, when doves, sparrows, blackbirds and sometimes the Thieving Magpie arrive on time for breakfast!

Lots of positive energies to all of you

Thanks for taking the time to read my post

Photos of my property taken with my Sony Xperia smartphone

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Beautiful shot. I see they are enjoying themselves in your garden.

It is true they are free and happy! Thanks for reading the post!