The Best Photo of the Week Contest | 67° Week | Rainbow at dawn

in hive-184714 •  2 months ago 

Greetings Everyone!!

Rainbows are one of the amazing sceneries that nature can produce. They are hard to come by and I got lucky while I was on the way home from a day outing. The lighting was fading quickly as it was around 06.30 pm. I quickly took some shots from my iPhone 11. This was the one I like the most.

Rainbow at dawn

There are two rainbows, but the top one is hardly can see. With greener surroundings rainbow looks like a crown to the environment. I propose this photo for the 67° week of the best photo.

Location: Kithulgala, Sri Lanka.
what3words: ///proliferated.panoramic.scavenger

Have a colorful weekend to everyone!


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