THE BEST PHOTO OF THE WEEK 48 : Old Abandoned fishing boat

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The Best Photo of The Week

The best photo of the week - Old Abandoned fishing boat

With this post i participate in THE BEST PHOTO OF THE WEEK 48

you can read the rules of the contest here THE BEST PHOTO OF THE WEEK

Old Abandoned fishing boat

I love to visit local ports
and even take pictures of the landscapes
or the various boats and ships

besides the wonderful boats and ships
used by fishermen or tourists

I usually see some abandoned fishing boats
which I like to photograph as well

as they always look quite picturesque to me

like the one below
that i would like to share with you all

i hope you like it

Location: Thessaloniki - Greece

you can click on the photo in order to see the image in full screen

camera used :

Xiaomi Redmi 7A
focal length : 3.8mm
ISO : 101

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