"The imaginary friend".2020.

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l'antico 2 with red ok.jpg

One year ago I debuted with my first NFT

"The imaginary friend" was immediately incorporated into the large collection of
MantaXR after a bid war. Thanks for supporting my art!

We all had, or have,an imaginary
friend. 3d digital sculpture created in
Zbrush,texture made with Substance
Painter. 5.5000 X 5.028 rendered
pixel in Cinema 4d with Octane Render.

Here some details.

l'antico 2 with red ok det1.jpg

l'antico 2 with red ok det2.jpg

l'antico 2 with red ok det3.jpg

l'antico 2 with red ok det4.jpg

l'antico 2 with red ok det5.jpg

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Bellissimo pezzo, complimenti!

Grazie @silviabeneforti molto gentile da parte sua.

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