The Resurrection of Steemauto or New Wine in Old Wineskins?!

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Matthew 9:16-17 “No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch will pull away from the garment, making the tear worse. Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.”

So with great fanfare, @xpliar has launched the brand new Steemauto in record time!

STEEM AUTO OWNED BY XPILAR, We give you a brand new Steem-Auto


As you can see, it's new wine in the old skin, but that's okay, for it makes it easier for people who are already familiar with the app to continue using what they are accustomed to. But forget about the new wine; what about the old wine? Has @steem-supporter relinquished the old domain and shut down the voting trails? Or is he continuing to use it to manipulate Steemit's voting system?

Despite the fact that @future.witness sent a memo to all the Steemians who had their keys authorizing to revoke them, and despite the fact the @symbionts and @jayplayco wrote posts warning people of the security breach; many inactive Steem accounts still have their posting and active keys in the hands of @steem-supporter!

And despite the fact that @xpilar.witness is a Steem Witness, responsible for the safety and security of the Steem blockchain, and it's stakeholders, he just can't seem to bring himself to look his friend @steem-supporter in the face and flat out tell him to stop manipulating the Steem blockchain!!!

Annnnnnddddddd, despite the fact that @xpilar just published this post today, he somehow "automatically" received 1000+ upvotes in a matter of minutes!


Where did those votes come from? Of course not, he just launched the site! So they could have only come from which is still online and active!

What did I say in my post The Rebirth of Steemit's Curation Trails???

@steem-supporter at this point is falling from grace, and falling fast and hard! He will soon have nothing to lose; and when a person losses everything and has nothing left to lose... they lose it! And we don't know what he will be capable of! Left unchecked, he could create a massive Curation Trail which would only support him and his cronies.


27 May 2021 - 462 upvotes to @xpilar... no @enki

28 May 2021 - 455 upvotes to @xpilar... no @enki

30 May 2021 - 614 upvotes to @xpilar with the announcement of his new initiative to fund @bidvote which was created by none other than... @steem-supporter
BIDVOTE a Profitable voting bot - we win together... oh, yes, and still no @enki

5 June 2021 - 1152 upvotes to @xpilar... and HELLO @enki (who somehow must not have gotten the @future.witness memo)
Thank God he no longer controls @xeldal

@steem-supporter at this point is falling from grace, and falling fast and hard! He will soon have nothing to lose; and when a person losses everything and has nothing left to lose... they lose it! And we don't know what he will be capable of! Left unchecked, he could create a massive Curation Trail which would only support him and his cronies.

@xpilar just can't seem to detach himself from @steem-supporter
@xpilar just can't seem to fathom the idea that @steem-supporter is a psychopathic con-artist

This is the same @xpilar who supported me last year when I was going after the HIVE High Council!!!
The HIVE Coup: A Deep State's Dream Come True

New wine??? No thank you!!! I still smell the stench of the old wineskin!!!

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Apparently, @steem-supporter is now able to control downvotes as well. If @enki is genuinely active on Steemit, and wants to inform me that I am wrong, I will humbly apologize:


Just after recieveing a 100% downvote from @enki, a few minutes later, I received messages from @steem-supporter
The psychopath has nothing to lose! I warned you all!!!


And remember that Steemauto can also be used to schedule posts!!! I'm watching you!

So @xpilar and @xpilar.witness, as a Steem Witness, what should we do about this?

I've had a big fight with @steem-supporter today after what happened. I was shocked and cursed when I saw all the voices coming in. The new Steem-Auto has nothing to do with this.
I just have to apologize to everyone involved who got their votes abused. These votes came from a massive trail

Our fight today ended with the old steem auto now completely shut down.

Anyway Please remove posting authority from, steem-supporter seems to be distributing votes which is wrong, please go to and revoke

But remember all those accounts that voted has authorized not only but also bust, the old steemauto and other apps as well "Until you revoke all apps that you do not use anymore, then bad things can happen so please revoke all accounts "

Thank you @xpilar, I know this is not your fault, but I have to do everything I can to help stop this security issue. It is a horrible feeling in life when someone you trusted, betrays that trust, and then leaves you to clean up the mess. Are you absolutely sure that the old app is down? This person is becoming very dangerous to Steem!

Yes, but everyone should revoke and other apps that are not used.

I agree, but I also feel that the account is dangerous and should be frozen. It is just too compromised at this point, no matter who holds the entry keys and passwords.

4163 Down Votes are enough to finish off your account

Thank you! Please send me all 4163 downvotes! And I will still be standing stronger than ever!

Hi @famigliacurione, while reading about the votes that @xpilar received, I wanted to clarify that my vote and some of the users who I know are coming from completely different autovote that is created by one of our good friend. Therefore, we have withdrawn our keys long ago from steem-auto even before everything escalated. It is not only one autovote on STeem, as I mentioned in my comment under @steem-fanbase we are happy with our service provider and will stay with that app. I do not like the blaming campaign without evidence.

I noticed that Italian community now back on track and being a long term supporter of Italian community I am really glad for that happy end.

@xpilar is trying to get started from Zero and restart the program that was in the hand of @steem-supporter before, then please just give him a chance.

I really wish that this issue now settles and the community "World of xpilar" and Italian community will keep working on our own stuff.

In reality we are all busy people and there is really no time to fight with each other let's work together to keep this blockchain professional and respectful to each other.


Absolutely @stef1, you have always stood up against abuse, not only with the Italian Community, but for the Steemit Community in general. You have always been courageous in pointing out the things that you see that are wrong, and as a lover of art, you always fight bravely against plagiarism. I have already expressed to @xpilar that I know that he is not at fault, and that he has been a victim of betrayal. I know that @xpilar has always gotten a lot of support from hundreds of voters, and I know very well that you personally have no part in this security breach, other than wanting it to stop. Thank you for all of the good things that you do! May we all quickly get back to what we love, as soon as possible!

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