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#Club75 | Lesson-02 | About Human Backbone And Pelvis | anatomy | by @doctorstrips

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It is a completely complex process in the human body.Consisting of 206 bones in the human body, these have different functions and structures.

What we are going to learn in today's article is-

What is the spine or backbone?
What is the pelvis?
Talk about backbone.
Pelvis bone introduction.

What is the spine or backbone

The spine or backbone is a combination of long bones consisting of many small bones from the bottom of the head to the waist.

It is for this spine that we can lift, move, move and even stand. No animal can stand or move without a spine.

What is the pelvis

From the lower end of the spine to the longest bone of the lower human body across the waist up to the femur, some of the bones are called pelvis bones.


The pelvis maintains the balance of other organs, including the upper spine. Moreover, the pelvis protects the human genital organs or sexual organs completely.

Talk about backbone

The spine is not a bone. How many are made up of small bones or vertebra.
One is the connection of a vertebra with another vertebra. Between the joints of the two joints is a disc made of fibro cartilage

Because of this joint, the spine becomes smaller and larger during human respiration.

The bones of the spine can be divided into five parts.

(1) cervical vertebra. Whose position is from the first to the seventh bone.
(2) Thoracic vertebra or thoracic bone. Which is the first to twelfth.
(3) Lumber vertebra from the first to the fifth bone.
(4) The five vertebrae in the sacrum combine to form a triangular bone.
(5) The coccyx is made up of four small bones.*

Total bones of the spine or backbone

6 + 12 + 6= 24 The spine is made up of total bones. Then there is one bone in 5 joints and one bone in 4 more joints. With this the total bones stand
24 + 2 = 26


The characteristics of the bones, except for the first and second, are almost identical. They have two parts. For example, body and Nural canal through which the spinal cord has gone down.

Each has a pair of facets above and below the rib, creating a joint above and below it.

There are a total of 8 vertebrae in the throat. The size of the first and second is different. The other five are almost the same type.

The posterior spine of the second to sixth cervical vertebra is divided into two parts. Only the seventh and the first are not one.

The spines of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae are all undivided.

The body and Nural canal are fine in the first and second cervical vertebra. However, the body of the first is small and narrow and it forms a joint with the occipital bone at the top.

Pelvis bone Introduction

The pelvis bones are the sacrum and coccyx
There are more bones in the pelvis-


The pelvis has two large holes on either side of the bone. Which is called acetybulum. With this, the femur has formed a joint.

The two joints on both sides are joined together in the pubis, called the Pubic Symphysis.
There are two round holes on either side of the ischium below the pubic, called the Obturator Foramen.


The upper opening of the pelvis girdle is made of bone, the two promontary on either side of the sacrum, the Ileo Pactorul line of the ileum and the line or crest above the two pubic in front.

Outlet is formed below it- Coccyx or Tubular and Tuberosity is below Ischium.


The spinal cord and pelvic bones of the human body were discussed. In fact, more details could be described. But what happens as a preliminary discussion has been described.

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