Coffee Time

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Coffee is a moment, as well as a drink, in which our body prepares for a break from everything that runs around us. Wherever you drink coffee, you are giving yourself a moment to stop, a moment to relax from whatever you are doing.

Even when you are out and about with friends, sitting at the bar and having a coffee is one of the most relaxing moments of the day. Sometimes I even sit at the table by myself, drink my coffee and watch the people who don't seem to have a break and are always running back and forth.

I generally like to drink coffee outside bars, I am perhaps a bit claustrophobic. But looking at the blue sky on a sunny day gives me an invaluable sense of freedom.

I usually prefer coffee without sugar, but it must be good otherwise the burnt smell is really annoying, sometimes sickening.

Well, now I enjoy my coffee.

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Hllo @claudio83
Hope you are having a great time.
I do love coffee a lot and these pictures are so mesmerizing and nostalgic as well cuz nowadays I don't have coffee much..but such beautiful pictures make me relive the coffee days✨

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