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The volume "Night Flyers" consists of six stories, the first of which is named after the book. Personally, I consider it the most interesting story. The size is also the largest, the other five stories being shorter but presenting the same horror and fantasy elements.

The first story describes the effort of some scientists to reach the unknown valcryni with a ship. The scenes from the horror movies appear and the story ends tragically.

An alien race located on the other side of human space, beyond Fyndii and Damoosh. Possibly legendary.
Can you be absolutely sure that those aliens of yours really exist?

There are a lot of characters, some from the perspective of appearance: The specter - a thin young man with washed eyes and white hair, Agatha - with a sharp face like an ax blade; some by behavior: Melantha Jhirl - walking gracefully, Thale Lasamer - nervous. Royd Eris, the master of the Night Flight, is delighted to see Karoly again and just as excited to greet everyone else.

The Valcrynii, a race of conscious beings from a mysterious place of origin in the center of the galaxy, were sailing to its limit. They were part of the Nor T`alushilor myths. They were probably heading for intergalactic vacuum, still remaining in interstellar space, not in planetary orbits.

The ship's departure could have been delayed. However, the impatience and desire to meet the volcanoes and their large ships hastened their departure. The ship with which the scientists left belongs to the spectrum. Out of the desire to find out the ship's diary, Alys and Lommie die and part of the ship is severely damaged.

Before them, the telepath Thale Lasamer, the one who sensed the danger, had been drugged, then given hope, he gave in, his head exploded, skull bones scattered everywhere, eating food, chocolate cups and blood tea. The hologram decides to repair the damage, because the road back to the base would take another six weeks, while the time left to travel to the volcryni is only one week.

The author describes horror scenes, dead characters, floating in the air, pieces of blood being smashed into hundreds of small blood cells. Even the hologram becomes the prey of death, Melantha finally acknowledging her failures with the spur, the sensors, her control over the others; she is the one who thought herself superior to all because she was one head taller than all, the improved version as she called herself, repeating to everyone that she was three movements ahead of them.

The next story is called Priority Order*. The action takes place on the planet Grotto, a silent planet. The people here had contracts for handling the corpses, but while they were having a glass of beer, they were told that they would have to leave the area, as their work was no longer necessary. Kabaraijian protests, saying he doesn't need to leave Grotto, obviously they could get used to anything but corpses to survive. Cochran, the next day, asks Kabaraijian to allow him to accompany him to the cave in search of the bodies. He is allowed, out of a desire to defeat Bartling.

In this story we are confronted with malevolent corpses, with grotesque fights between corpses and Kabaraijian. With no idea of ​​fair play, Cochran attacks his comrade, wanting to kill him. But he is the one hit. Kabaraijian returns to bandage his wounds, but in vain, Cochran dies. Determined to tell everyone that Bartling had sent someone with a priority remote control, he found that his friend Cochran was just a victim. The first, but not the last.

The third story is called *Weekend in a War Zone. It presents a special sport, a bloody sport - war. It pays to be able to take part in this sport. They are given weapons and their goal is to collect kill points and points. The points are obtained when they find a camp and the kill points for each concom they take care of. Andy is living moments of nightmare. Crossing the forest he sees the first dead cucumber on the chest of which a worm moves. Suddenly he feels sick and vomits. Then one of those with whom he was shot is a blood flower on his chest. Andy senses danger.

I am just terrified. What did I get myself into? Where are we going? I want to get out of here. It's dementia! The hand in which I hold the weapon trembles. I feel like I'm going to vomit again.

He decides to return to tennis next week. Continue the road through the forest with Stancato and Burtoi looking at the lights in the sky. I find a cave where to take shelter overnight but Andy finds it hard to fall asleep. He wakes up the next day surrounded by screams and bullets. He is afraid but in the end he grabs the gun and shoots.

A grenade heads for the cave where they are sheltered but Stancato throws it in the direction where it came from. After Stancato saves Andy's life twice, he kills him. The belly reproaches them but receives the same treatment. With a rifle under one arm and another stolen from the dead cucumber, Andy sets off alone through the woods.

The next story, Don't touch the man, is the story of the jaenshi that the inhabitants want to destroy. The story begins by presenting a sinister landscape

Outside the walls hang jaeneshi children, a row of bodies with brown fur, motionless, at the ends of long ropes. Obviously, the oldest of them were butchered before being hanged; here a decapitated boy, swinging in a wide with his feet up, there the corpse burned by the blasts of a girl.

The inhabitants of the Earth destroy the pyramids, they offer a piece of salt in exchange for the carved statuettes, they only take into account the fact that they want that space for themselves. The story ends as macabre as it started just this time

On the outside of the walls hung the children of the Angels - a series of motionless bodies in white uniforms, at the ends of long ropes.

To change the sinister atmosphere, I move on to the next story, Nor the multicolored flames of a stellar ring which tells the story of the existence of rings around the galaxy, representing gates to different parts of the universe. Kerin and Jennifer are in the Nowhere ring and are trying to support Jenny's theory of self-sustaining the ring with the help of zero-space engines.

The last story is also one of the most beautiful, entitled A song for Lya. Lyanna and Robb are Talents who can read the feelings, emotions and thoughts of the shkeen. Valcarenghy, the planetary administrator, hires them to decipher the Shkeen inhabitants. The best way to read them is to talk to them, asking them questions as their minds ponder, so Lyanna realizes that shkeeni emanates a lot of love, loving everyone, even her, though not I know her. Dissatisfied with her partner's love, Lya joins the Reunion. Robb believes that the man is more than the shkeen and takes off to Baldur, to his house, far from the cities.

Being the first volume of the author George R.R. Martin is pleased to note that these stories caught my attention and gave me an extremely enjoyable read. I admire the art with which the world master of fantasy literature abounds in intense descriptions, modeling space worlds, fantastic characters and beings with the power to read thoughts. Now I look forward to getting my hands on other volumes by author George R.R. Martin and delve into reading to discover new worlds, characters, events and horror scenes.

I recommend, of course, the purchase and reading of the volume Night Flyers, because the multitude of prizes with which the volume was rewarded attests to its grandeur.

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