The Diary Game 28/11/2021 - Volvo Wants to Cover The Windshield of Cars With a Transparent AR Display.

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The cars have been equipped with heads up display systems for several years, which project certain information on certain small areas of the windshield, but Volvo wants to extend this technology to its entire surface. And as augmented reality technology is set to develop significantly in the coming years, the company is considering implementing an AR system on the windshield of the car, which will allow drivers to receive more information without giving up attention on the road.

Volvo cars could display augmented reality information on the windshield surface

Volvo is talking about covering the windshield with a layer of MLTC material, which could serve as a display to display information on the surface of the windshield. Thus, you could see information about navigation, speed, can quickly identify traffic signs, or even obstacles.

Furthermore, the system should be able to use cameras to calculate the distance between the car and objects, to be able to position the elements on the screen and to resize them according to the distance.

Elements such as the speed limit, the speed at which the car is moving, the lane it is on, the route it must follow, the warning that it is a wildlife crossing and even a detected animal can be seen in the image presented by Volvo.

Using the camera system, the car could "see" better than the driver in low visibility situations, such as fog, for example.

Volvo will work with Spectralics, an optical technology company in which the Swedish brand has recently invested, which develops the layer that the company wants to apply to the windshield surface. Of course, this technology is in the design stage and we do not yet have a functional prototype or a practical demonstration of the technology. Thus, its implementation on cars could be delayed for several years.

Chrome will extend the "copy link to highlight" feature to support images or videos

Added since Chrome 90, the "copy link to highlight" feature allows you to select a piece of text from the page you're reading and then send someone else the link to that page, with the text still marked by you.

Google has added this feature to help Chrome users communicate the information they want to others as efficiently as possible by marking the relevant text position directly on the webpage found on the internet. Thus, instead of using the "Copy" option to retrieve only the text in the clipboard, you can generate a custom link that highlights the information in the context of the web page where it was discovered.

Particularly useful, the feature is about to be expanded to allow the generation of links that highlight items on the page, such as a picture or video clip. To be honest, for pictures there is already the option "Copy image address" to take in the clipboard the direct link to that image.

Similarly, most videos can be downloaded with a direct link, which you can send to others. But Google argues that the "copy link to highlight" feature is still superior, in that it allows you to show the other person the image or video without removing the information from the context in which it was discovered.

Tested with Chrome Canary for now, the extended functionality could simply be added to the existing option in the right-click Chrome menu, once Chrome can recognize the new categories of items you want to highlight on the webpage.

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Chrome wants its 'copy link to highlight' feature to also support images and video

Volvo wants to make the whole windshield a smart AR display

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