The Diary Game 27/11/2021 - Apple Patents The iPhone With Its All-Glass Case And Surrounding Screen. Europe Must Ban Bitcoin Mining...

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Described in a recent patent granted to the American company, it could be the most futuristic iPhone design so far, made entirely of glass.

Tried by other smartphone manufacturers, the design with OLED screen that envelops the edges of the case could be taken over by Apple, but in a different interpretation.

Sent by Apple to the USTPO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the document illustrates an "electronic device with a glass coating" and no less than six display areas. In other words, the future iPhone will be able to display images and graphics on any of the facets of the case.

The molded case of a single piece of glass could have thickened edges for better structural strength, while replacing the edges "cut" at right angles with slightly more rounded shapes, allowing the "flow" of the image over the sides.

Apple engineers also describe two ways to assemble / access internal components. Less technically problematic, the first method involves the use of a large "cover", which partially envelops the side of the housing. More difficult to implement, the second method takes the form of a lid just wide enough to allow the insertion of electronic components. In both cases, the hardware components should come in a pre-assembled module, ready to be inserted into the glass shell.

Although it has shown interest for the development of an iPhone with an all-glass case since 8 years ago, Apple has not delivered such a product so far and there are no indications that it plans to do so in the near future.

Europe Must Ban Bitcoin Mining in Order to Comply With The Paris Agreement

Inevitably, the European Union will have to ban energy-intensive activities, such as mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in order to make it possible to achieve the pollution reduction targets assumed by the Paris Climate Agreement.

Noticing the sharp rise in energy consumption, the Swedish authorities have already called on the European Union to ban "energy-intensive" operations in the EU, arguing that the proliferation of cryptocurrency "farms" is likely to jeopardize Sweden's compliance. Paris Climate Agreement.

Specifically, the signatory countries have committed themselves to taking measures to limit pollutant emissions to a level that prevents the amplification of climate change above the threshold of 1.5 ° C average increase in global temperature, compared to the pre-industrial period at the beginning of the last century.

Already considered unrealistic in order to be reached, the 1.5 ° C target marks the level from which global warming begins to dramatically affect human civilization, and already irreversible climate change enters a trend of exponential amplification, causing much more serious consequences. such as rising sea levels, desertification of previously fertile territories and the proliferation of extreme weather events.

Following the expulsion of Bitcoin miners from China, the energy consumption attributed by the Swedish authorities to the generation of cryptocurrencies increased by the equivalent of "200 thousand households", only between April and August.

Addressing EU officials in an open letter, the director of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority Erik Thedéen and Björn Risinger, the director of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, called for a ban on EU-wide cryptocurrency mining activities, arguing that they are not sustainable in terms of environmental protection.

With the exception of Iceland (which is not an EU member state), none of the European Union countries has an excess of energy from renewable sources, large enough to be consistently allocated to other activities, such as the generation of cryptocurrencies.

According to Swedish official Erik Thedéen, electricity "hijacked" to generate a single Bitcoin coin would allow an electric car to travel 1.8 million kilometers. But as 900 Bitcoin coins are generated daily in Sweden, the loss to the environment is actually much higher.

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