The Diary Game 21/11/2021 - At The Edge of The Rainforest: Clara Sola

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All drama of the movie Clara Sola, whith the premiere took place on 2021 in Cannes, takes place in Central American Country - Costa Rica, in a mountain village, located on the edge of a tropical forest whose strength and immensity presses and which people are trying to it appears by drawing borders and raising fences. Will these become the perimeters of their own social and psychological prisons?

It is the feature film debut of director Nathalie Alvarez Mesen, who lives in Sweden and has studied and internships in Sweden, Germany and the United States. On this movie she collaborated with an international team mostly women. It is a moviewith and about women, written and directed by women, made and played mostly by women. A movie with a feminist theme, a kind of genre in which I have seen more and more productions in recent years. Clara Sola is maybe the most interesting of them, for sure.

Clara Sola, the heroine of the movie, is a bit different from those around her. She is about 40 years old, suffers from a disease of the spine that causes him physical pain. Her mother refuses the operation that could put an end to these sufferings, because she fears that becoming 'normal' Clara would lose the 'gifts' that make her special - the connection with the Blessed Virgin (whose vision she once had). Clara has problems communicating with people, she seems to get into dialogue with animals more easily, from birds to the family's white horse.

The closest being is her niece, the daughter of a sister who died, and who at the age of 15 is at the age of sexual maturity and first love. The maturation of the face triggers or revives the desires repressed for a long time in Clara's soul and body. But again, the stern mother tries to stifle the late awakening of these feminine instincts. The diverse Clara will search for ways to free herself from all kind of constraints.

The theme of the United Nations agency tries to interrupt the social and family circles that oppress her passes the screen in the main thanks to the initial approach and therefore the medium qualities of the film. Director Nathalie Alvarez Mesen has chosen to solid solely non-professional actors, that guarantees credibleness, because the characters don't ‘play’ however rather appear to measure their lives within the presence of cameras.

The only one within the solid United Nations agency comes from the humanities is Wendy Chinchilla Araya, however she isn't an expert histrion however a dancer, and therefore the manner she portrays Clara's feelings on the screen is spectacular. The image signed by the Swede Sophie Winqvist is great in framing and composition, however i used to be fazed by the excessive use of scenes that come about within the dark.

The combination of lack of sunshine and rendering of the characters' purpose of read typically ends up in confusion regarding what's happening on the screen. The confusions of the characters don't essentially need to be transmitted to the spectators, and if they happen in an exceedingly scene they are doing not need to be recurrent.

However, Clara Sola could be a outstanding debut film, that manages to form a formidable and unforgettable feminine character, and Nathalie Alvarez Mesen could be a director United Nations agency deserves to be watched.

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Luxbox Drops Trailer for Directors’ Fortnight Player ‘Clara Sola’

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