The Diary Game 18/11/2021 - Meta Reveals The Prototype of The Touch Glove That Will Help You Interact With VR Objects.

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Realizing that the current interpretation of the social network has reached a dead end where it can no longer resonate with the expectations of new generations of users, Facebook changed its name to Meta and promised to build a new metavers based on VR ( virtual reality). However, for now, the devices capable of making this experience possible are not yet seen.

Certainly, you will not be able to enter the new Metavers of the post-Facebook era with a common smartphone. You will need specialized hardware, which the new Meta Reality Labs division is already developing using the almost unlimited budget provided by the current Facebook business.

Although it does not provide a precise timetable, Meta promises to deliver in a timely manner a first generation of augmented reality-based products that open access to the new metaverse. And the company will sell these products even at a loss, if needed.

Even if it is not representative of the final look of the retail product, the new gloves offer something that very few gadgets for VR applications have tried to offer so far: tactile sensations in the VR world.

For example, you will be able to use the new haptic (tactile) glove to "shake hands" with a business partner on the other side of the globe, or caress the loved one you met (or not) in the real world. You will be able to hold objects and touch surfaces that are exclusively part of the virtual world, maintaining the illusion created with the help of VR glasses.

Although the glove is still in the research phase, Meta was keen to present it at the prototype stage, thus providing some clues about the future of the interaction between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Specifically, the prototype created to demonstrate the interface between the real and the virtual world takes the form of a glove lined with about 15 inflatable plastic plates, known as actuators. They are arranged so that they fit along the wearer's palm, on the lower fingers and on their fingertips. When you touch an object in the VR world, the shape and size of those pads change by injecting compressed air, recreating for the user the tactile sensation associated with interacting with real objects.

The veracity of tactile sensations can be improved by increasing the number of individually controlled plates, but also by optimizing the way the VR glove is made. Eventually, the sensations perceived when interacting in VR mode could become comparable to those in the real world.

The back has small white markings that help nearby camcorders track how your fingers move through space, while other internal sensors capture how the wearer's fingers bend. The glove can also function as a controller for manipulating objects in the VR world.

Unfortunately, those who hope to experiment with such a gadget as soon as possible have to wait, the prototype developed with the help of technologies taken from Oculus products is still far from the final shape.

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