The Diary Game 13/11/2021 - NHL 22: The Simulator Closest to Reality

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NHL 22 is the first game in the series developed by EA Sports with the help of the Frostbite graphics engine and benefits from major visual updates and improvements in the appearance of the arenas, player details and lighting effects. The new Superstar X-Factors skill system introduces into the game the special features of the players in the league, facilitating the accommodation of novice gamers and shaping a new level of competition.

Fans waiting for changes in a game

I admit that I haven't played in NHL 15 before, and in the NHL I only watch Pittsburg's summaries. Honestly, when I got my hands on NHL 22, seeing the change as truly fabulous, I behaved exactly like in the famous gif, with the kid shouting YEEEEES, dressed in Penguins' shirt.

The long-running ice hockey franchise is just like FIFA or the NBA, attracting the discontent and even anger of fans looking for a major change from year to year, although the sport has remained the same, players only change their look, and the rules are unchanged. However, this iteration marks the leap of the NHL series to current generation platforms such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, and the changes are visible.

Frostbite, scratched ice and X factor

The first positive aspect that "hits" you, if you are a veteran of the NHL series, is the new graphics engine. EA Sports has introduced Frostbite for the NHL 22, which drastically improves graphics, not to mention the image contrast or the visible way the ice scratches or wears out. It may not sound like a huge step, but it adds depth to the atmosphere of every American arena. The player models have also been significantly improved, with each athlete being the almost perfect copy of his real-life counterpart.

For example, Auston Matthews, the athlete on the NHL 22 cover, made the transition in the game spectacularly, with the famous mustache. Although not all players available in the game receive the same level of attention, NHL-sized superstars have never looked better than in this title.

EA Sports has also implemented the new Superstar X-Factors feature in NHL 22. It gives certain players unique abilities, able to highlight them among others. It's exactly like, for example, at FIFA, you would make Messi's left foot golden or Mbappe's platinum speed. Depending on the characteristics of real-world athletes, these skills can range from being better at dribbling, to having an unstoppable puck shot, or any other skill specific to ice sports.

X-Factors is a crème de la crème of the NHL, offering a unique element that highlights what it means to be a superstar in the North American National Hockey League.

Gameplay, with exceptional make-up

What I noticed as revolutionary about the gameplay of a hockey game is the puck movement in NHL 22. One of the best adjustments was the poke check, which no longer attracts penalties as often as you did in older editions. Defending an area or regaining the puck in front of an opponent is super fluent and keeps the flow of the game moving at a fast pace. It's a beautiful passage, which brings the simulator even closer to what real life hockey means.

Refining the core gameplay of the NHL series has been a priority for EA and is revolutionary. To be applauded, honestly. There is no Madden-inspired "Face Of The Franchise" story mode or the much-sought-after return of GM Connected.

Instead, the changes are mostly in the game and the images, which are nice, plus the hockey played on an outdoor rink, after the Volta fashion in FIFA. I'm not talking about augmented reality in face-off duels, in the digital integration of statistics on the ice, exceptional things that add a lot to the authenticity of the game.

If you skipped NHL 21, you'll come across many pleasant surprises in the 22nd edition, which the Frostbite engine and more powerful hardware make possible. At the end of the day, NHL 22 is the true experience of the game of hockey and we can say that the energy invested in grinding the current product has not been used in vain.

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EA’s NHL series has been on the rebound after a rough go of things.

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NHL 22 Official Gameplay Trailer

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