The Diary Game 10/11/2021 - Porsche Macan 2022 - Or How You Run Out of License and Mazda Turns Electric.

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Meet the latest Porsche Macan model that will have an internal combustion engine. The latest facelift brings it in line with the rest of the models in the range as there is a new center console with touch buttons. No more congestion of buttons and places where they would have been if you ticked those options in the configurator. Practically, now, no one notices that there were other breezes available.

There are an extra power for each model. The basic Macan now has a 2-cylinder 2-liter engine that develops 265 hp and 400 Nm. The Macan S has the biggest change because now it will have the 2.9 liter v6 engine that debuted on the RS5, but in this configuration it develops 380 hp and 520 Nm. And in the GTS model, which is also the most powerful, top model, ready with the Turbo, it develops 440 hp and only 550 Nm, 30 Nm more than the S variant.

How does this new model feel? Maybe the most boring answer, but like a Porsche. That's what you spend your money on and fortunately, you're not disappointed. No other model, BMW X3, Mercedes GLC or Audi Q5 rises to the level of connection you have with the car in a Macan. The steering is precise, the 7-speed PDK gearbox does a hard job of reproducing in words, especially in Sport Plus mode while doing a Launch control. The transition from the first to the second stage is really brutal, it tears you apart, and at the same time you feel the evacuation vibrating under your feet.

Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, electrification is the future, from 2023 we will see the new Macan full electric model that has all the ingredients to be at least as fun as the current generation. However, you will definitely miss the feeling and the way it makes you feel like a V6 twin turbo at 6800 rpm. Let me conclude, if you are lucky enough to enjoy a Macan do it. If not, get ready for the next, all-electric, which of course has Taycan as its basic recipe.

Mazda MX-30 full electric + a surprise element

Mazda's first electric car test, the MX-30, was a strong, energetic and potential start. But let's understand it first. Its purpose of being a quiet city car, pleasant to drive in which to feel relaxed and to reduce your stress at the wheel, in traffic has been successfully fulfilled. The exterior design is minimalist, which does not give it away as an electric car, if you manage to ignore the "electric" sound that warns pedestrians of the presence of a car around them.

The side of the MX-30 has a special personality due to the doors that open in the same way as the legendary RX-8 or if we go further, as a Rolls Royce Ghost or Phantom. However, these futuristic elements can only be enjoyed in the city due to a limitation that left us with a desire and hope that we will see progress in the future of Mazda. The battery of this model is only 35.5 kWh, and the autonomy of 200 km according to WLTP, although at an average consumption of 19.5 kW / 100 km I managed only 182 km.

The biggest regret comes when you get in the car and realize that you want to spend more time in an absolutely fascinating cabin. It is notice modern details such as the chairs with white ecological leather in combination with the gray textile and brown details or the materials on the doors that are pleasant to the touch and that are made of PET. But the element of surprise, which is also a global innovation in the automotive industry is found in the center console that "floats" on the raft.

For the first time, the cork is part of the design elements of a production car. It also pays homage to the Mazda brand, which was originally a cork manufacturer when it was called "Toyo Cork Kogyo". A conclusion of the model: modern, futuristic. A car that does the job for which it was built well, drive through the city relaxed and enjoy the special interior.

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