My trip to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, just before Corona spread its wing

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Remembering the times before Corona

Just before Corona started to spread its wings in India, I had a 7-day trip to Gujarat , to complete our last dham as part of our Char Dham Trip. My mother had a dream of visiting all the dhams, so Dwarka was the last one left and we had planned for that this year. Little did we know that Corona will be so severe. I remember that time, a very few cases started in India, possibly the first case in Delhi with some travel history from Italy. And compare that to today, we are now at the 4th spot. Once this is over , we will definitely plan to go somewhere and relax for few days. Until then I am planning to share some of my travel stories.

We started on 27th Feb evening from Bhubaneswar and reached Ahmedabad at around midnight. Some photos from Bhubaneswar Airport to Ahmedabad airport.







Ahmedabad airport is decorated to portray the city as a cultural heritage. You can see in the above pictures, the interiors is mostly focused on ancient temple theme.

I choose Ahmedabad as the main city to plan for our travel, since we have direct air connectivity to Ahmedabad. And the places we planned to see, were reachable from Ahmedabad. So we had booked Fortune Landmark Hotel, an ITC brand hotel for 4 nights out of 7 nights and believe me, I was amazed by their ambience, hospitality and service, throughout my journey. On our arrival, they offered all the assistance to have a quick check in as it was already late. And they have a 24/7 restaurant, so they asked for any order. As it was a bit late, I just ordered one butter naan and a paneer makhni curry and then we made to our room, which we liked very much.

By the time, I came after a refreshing bath, Mom was already slept. She does not eat anything in the night ( almost since last 5 years). So I just enjoyed the delicious food and took rest to be ready to travel the Next day. More to come on my next post.......

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