The Gateway of India :)

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Hello people, hope you all are well and good :)

In my last blog, I shared my internship experience and the perks of doing it. And today I am going to add one more of it, which is to travel and exposure to new places. So, with building my carrier it also helps me to explore new places.

During my internship period, most of the times I had to work, It is only weekends which were free and gives me time to explore the city. And that’s why I waited so eagerly for every weekend so that I can get the chance to know more about this beautiful city.

This is the Gateway of India and one of the most important monument of Mumbai. It is located on the waterfront, just opposite the famous taj hotel. It as a very pleasant, open, breezy, free place. Also, I spent a good time here, by walking around the monument, clicking pictures and enjoying the sea view.

Here are the pictures,



Tell me your experience if you ever been to Mumbai :)

Until then, stay happy :)

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