My weekly steem power up:67 steem power up by victoh78

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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my blog, welcome to another day.

This dip is carry me where I don't want to go it's taking me places I don't want to be.

But nonetheless we shall play diamond hands and see this through and once again I ahve come to make a power up post cause I believe in steemit and crypto in general.

It is with this in mind that I have kept up powering up week after week showing my support for steem and cryptocurrencies in general


My journey so far



This post was my first target for August and I have since surpassed that target.

This post is my new target for August to make an additional 1000 steem before August ends.

So far so good I am still as committed as ever to the progress of building my steem account so I can one day stand on my feet dispite the current bear market I am still able to power up huge amounts of steem each week.

target August 2

Truely I know it would be difficult to achieve this target I have for August but I know with the friends such as @kwasar @ronindboss @mato445 who keep supporting through comments and other means I would be able to attain this goal.

My power up journey so far

WeeksAmount power up.Post link
Week 153link
Week 250link
Week 371link
week 480link
week 578link
week 673Link
week 7100link
Present week67

I am in club5050 and I have achieved my first goal for August

My weekly powerup: powered up 67 steem in line with my target for August 2022

Before my Power-up


Before my power up I had a total of 2163 steem which accounts for 16% of my goal for August.

The process of powering up


Evidence of my powering up being taken pkace.

After my Power-up


After my power up of 67 steem I ahve gotten to 2200 steem power which is 20% of my goal for August.


finish-1414156_1280 (9).jpg


Powering up is a must irrespective of the current market conditions it's more of a habbit for me at this point and I will continue the dream till I get to be a dolphin

1. 10% in support of community account
2. All images are screenshots from my device.
I would appreciate any support from @steemcurator01 for my hard work

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Power-Up is a very important issue for Steemit users. As you can see in your post, you have done 67 Steam Power Up. Many thanks to increase the power of steem in this way.

Congratulations on ur hardwork ⭐

a very extraordinary thing of course you have done here I certainly like things like this

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Good to see you power up a good amount of steem. But please share the twitter share link in the comments.

Alright I will

Account: @victoh78

Power increased by: 3.14%