TRX Friday Initiative || Staked 55 TRX and used 55 to vote for super representatives by victoh78

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Week 12 of the great dip and the dippidity is still strong doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon and it's becoming worrisome but nonetheless during this hard times we still believe in the principles of steem and hence we would still engage in crypto related activities such as staking and powering up regularly.

Steem broder.png

The implication of staking Tron



I have am trying to be consistent in my Tron staking by staking a fixed amount each week for the better future.

Tron token is Soo important as it helps rostabiliza the price of the Tron token, if everyone where to be selling Thier token every week it would see the price of Tron reduce drastically thats why it is beneficial to always stake our Tron.

When I started staking my Tron I had only 30 trx but over the week we have seen the price grow significantly now I have close to 500 staked Tron hopefully by next week I would reach the 500 mile stone.

My trx staking

Screenshot_20220624-103436_TronLink Pro.png

-Step 1: I Logged in my TronLink wallet and clicked on stake

Step 2: I selected the amount in which I wish to stake then clicked on next step and I was taken to a new page to confirm my wallet address and when that is done I clicked on I confirm my TRX will be frozen for 72 hours and I clicked on confirm.

Screenshot_20220624-103524_TronLink Pro.png

I am trying to have a steady number for which I would be staking just as last week I staked 55 this week I will also stake 55.

You can see my staking post from three weeks back.

Hash receipt


Voting super representatives

vote-1804596_1280 (1).jpg


Another important thing we must do is voting for super representative, we can only vote for super representatives when we stake our trx, that being said I will now use my 55 staked trx to vote for any super representatives of my choice

Here is how you vote for super representatives

Screenshot_20220624-103436_TronLink Pro.png

First step would be click on vote.

Screenshot_20220617-120111_TronLink Pro.png

On this page you would be presented with a list of super representatives to choose from, each offers a different roi for your vote

Screenshot_20220624-103845_TronLink Pro.png

This week I have chosen to use give my 55 vote to blockchainOrg

hash reciept


Total TRX567.1
TRX staked55
Total TRX staked496
Energy gotten1370
Total Energy12k


By constant staking we can build our trx balance just as we have built our steemit balance I am a strong believer in staking so I would keep staking.

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Keep up the good work.
You are doing well

55 trx staking you look very good. Thank you for participating in the friday tx initiative staking and voting. Good luck.

Thank you very much for acknowledging my staking claims

Amazing power up u did here, great work ⭐

You are doing a really job staking and voting with this TRX. I would have been up against you if only my TRX had dropped in the past week. Keep em up before you know we would be Tron dolphins