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✋ Hello friends, ✋

How are you all, I hope you are well. By the grace of God, I am also well. You know I love to draw. And it can be called a kind of art. I like to draw on any subject. Today I drew a Man-eating fish. I think it will be very interesting. I have heard a lot about man-eating fish. But in reality I have never seen such an incident. So I thought I'd make an art out of it today. That's why I made today's art man-eating fish. Today I have done digital art through apps. I am slowly learning to do digital art. Today I presented the scene of painting with a Man-eating fish paint brush through digital art. We do a lot of painting in this way. Draw today's picture with ideas from him. I hope you like my drawing today.



🎨 Ingredients 🎨

• Infinite Design App


Details :

step 1 :

First I selected a white page. Then I selected the pan from the brush tool. Then I started drawing little by little.


step 2 :

Then I drew a picture of a man little by little.


step 3 :

Then I dyed the boy's clothes with paint.


step 4 :

Then I painted the body and hands of the boy little by little with skin color.


step 5 :

Then I drew a big fish face on the front of the boy.


step 6 :

Then I drew the lower part of the face of the fish. I drew it in such a way that the boy had half inside the mouth of the fish.


step 7 :

Then I painted the body parts of the fish and the inner parts of the mouth with some colors.


step 8 :

Then I drew the surrounding part like a light sea wave . This is how I finish drawing. I hope you like my art today. We will meet again later with something new. Hope everybody is doing well.


finale output :


The Concept Of My Art:-

All my Tron fan club friends. You know I like to do art. I like to highlight any art easily. My art concept today is very simple. I always want my blockchain to work with this art concept. That's why I always want to keep my work here. My concept today is a Man-eating fish. I fixed it with a lot of thought. I have heard a lot about man-eating fish. I have even heard such stories in many movies. But I have never seen anything like it face to face. I have heard that such fish are very scary. Someone saw a picture like this online. From there I get the idea of ​​today's art. Then we create today's art with our own creativity, today's man-eating fish and even a man in the face of fish. I think you will like my art today.

I minted this art in the largest nft market place OPENSEA, recently.

Post Details

DeviceRedme note 9
Photographer and artist@tasonya


Thanks everyone


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Have done a very beautiful art. Your digital flour has been amazing. Looks great. Thanks for sharing the beautiful art with us. Good luck to you.

I was fascinated by your work. I was scared to see how the fish was eating the man. Impossibly good.

Very nice made a nft art. A big fish is eating a girl. Very scary scene art. Creativity is expressed in your art.

This is really a great piece of art dear. I love your art.

Wow, this is a unique illustration by you. I hope you have taken a much effort to produce this. It really deserves the best place. Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful unique creations here.

Wow that is a great art of you, If I may ask which application did you used in your art or its a pencil work.