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"NFT ART "Alien 👽 art Part 2 "

Hello friends,

Assalamualaikum Friends, I hope you are all well, by the grace of Allah I am also very well. Today I will show you the Tron Fan Club community "NFT ART: -"Alien 👽 art Draw" with my own hands. I hope it will be very good, but with a lot of hard work and a lot of agricultural work at home, I have carefully prepared for you. So let's take a look.

★NFT ART "Alien 👽 art"★

CamScanner 05-19-2022 18.14 (1).jpg

Scan with CamScanner

Today I will draw Alien 👽 art. I don't know how you will feel, but I hope you will like my picture very much. And I draw Chia according to my own mind. So let's take a look at the preparation of the image I made without delay.


  • Water color
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Tuli


★Step 1★
  • I first draw the beard on all four sides with a pencil on a white paper.

★Step 2★
  • Then the water color does not mix with the water. I share them with you.

★Step 3★
CamScanner 05-19-2022 18.04.jpg
  • First I make art with a pencil. And let me share with you.

★Step 4★
CamScanner 05-19-2022 18.05.jpg
  • Then I paint my face red and share it with you.

★Step 5★
CamScanner 05-19-2022 18.06.jpg
  • Then I dye my head black and share it with you.

★Step 6★
CamScanner 05-19-2022 18.07.jpgCamScanner 05-19-2022 18.08.jpg
  • Then I make eyes and nose and share it with you.

★Step 7★
CamScanner 05-19-2022 18.09.jpgCamScanner 05-19-2022 18.11.jpg
  • Then I put green on my head again and share it with you.

★Step 8★
CamScanner 05-19-2022 18.12.jpgCamScanner 05-19-2022 18.13.jpg
  • Then I paint the neck and share it with you.

★Step 9★
CamScanner 05-19-2022 18.13.jpgCamScanner 05-19-2022 18.14.jpg
  • Then after a little rubbing I took a picture with City Marker and shared it with you.

★Step 10★
CamScanner 05-19-2022 18.13.jpg
  • Then the image I created is completely completed and I share it with you.

★Final Output★
CamScanner 05-19-2022 18.14 (1).jpg

Scan with CamScanner

★Concept Of My ART★

Today I have appeared among you with a different kind of alien. I don't know how you will feel about the alien made by me. And I hope you like my alien tea. And I present the Alien T to you with great care. And I want to share this image in NFT Marketplace. I don't know how much response I will get, but I hope I will get much better response. And without saying anything more, I expressed my thoughts here. Thank you all.

You can see this art of mine that I have minted in opensea.

I hope you guys like my post a lot, and if there are any mistakes in the text and the picture, you will be forgiven.

Best wishes: -

My identity


My name is Md. Abu Hanif Sangram. And my user ID name is @sangram I am a regular student, currently I am a second year student of B.S.S department of Parbatipur Government College. My home is Parbatipur Thana in Dinajpur District, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Thanks everyone

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Wonderful art. This alien art looking so beautiful. Nice drawn

You show NFT's work which is very interesting, my friend, thank you for sharing.

Beautiful art dear. Your always contain amazing art.

Thank you for showing NFT's work, which is quite interesting, my buddy.

I have seen that you have made an Alien art. It is so nice, thanks for sharing