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Hello dear TFC fans.
How are you, NFT creators? Hope everybody is doing well. I'm fine too. In today's post, I will highlight the trending NFT in OpenSea nft marketplace. I hope you enjoy this blog. OpenSea is NFT's number 1 marketplace. Where NFTs worth billions of dollars are constantly being sold.

So let's get started:-


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After entering the OpenSea marketplace, you can see the interface like the picture below. The NFT that is seen on the right side of it is the NFT that is trending today. This NFT shows a woman with some unknown animals. These animals are spread all over the body of the woman.

Screenshot 2022-08-09 000518.jpg

This NFT looks very realistic. This is why this NFT is trending. To stay in an NFT trending, all the features you need are in this art. An in-depth analysis of NFTs is required to reveal their characteristics. To the common eye, it would appear to be only an art. But, when it is analyzed, its qualities will continue to shine before us. This art is completely imaginary and ghostly. Because this type of character is not seen in real life. This character has a chess board around his neck. Half of which is broken.


And a creature like a snail is in his right hand. And this art of dressing up is from the ancient royal empire. Due to which this art looks quite attractive.

Screenshot 2022-08-09 002344.jpg

Almost 24 owner of these NFTs because these NFTs has 4 copies. That's why the number of owners of this NFT is increasing. This NFT was published 5 days ago. In this short period of time, the NFT gained a lot of views. Almost 14.3k people viewed this NFT and 152 people save it as a favorite list.

Screenshot 2022-08-09 003020.jpg


The creator of these NFTs will get 10% royalties in every single trade. Due to which, this creator will never face loss. The price of this NFT has skyrocketed in such a short span of time. Many people bid on this NFT at higher prices.

This NFT was uploaded on the Etherium network.

  • Contract Address:- 0x009c5b7fF119972e3437b51C4F94ADDB8DBB2bCd
  • Creator:- mendezmendez
  • Token ID:- 4
  • COLLECTION:- Signature Series

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