Steem Power Up Day:- 30 SP PowerUp || ( achieve 7994 SP ) || Mission Double Dolphins

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২২শে শ্রাবণ, ১৪২৯ বঙ্গাব্দ

"Power Up: 30 Steem 🎉 We Love PowerUp


Welcome everyone to my new PowerUp post. I have reached 7994SP in a short time. There are still some ways to go from being a dolphin. Inshallah, I will become a dolphin in a short time. Thanks to everyone for supporting me & also thanks to our founder.

I have been able to achieve this only for you guys. From the beginning, everyone encouraged me to PowerUp. Power up means to increase our ability.

PowerUp has become a kind of addiction for me. The reason is that I love PowerUp. It's just the beginning. I want to take my strength to a new height.

In Power Up Season 2, I promise to power up 10,000. I hope, I will full fill my promise in time.

Steem Power Up Day:- 2022 : I powerup 30 Steem
Before PowerUp7964 Steem
Screenshot 2022-08-07 002613.jpg
Power Up30 Steem
Screenshot 2022-08-07 002644.jpg
After PowerUp7994 Steem
Screenshot 2022-08-07 002721.jpg

By powering up 30 Steem I was able to achieve 7994 SP. And through that, I came one step further from being a double dolphin.

Hope you like my blog. I am ending here wishing good health to all.

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A Few Words About Myself: -

I am Md. Abu Hena Sarkar. And my nickname is Sagor. I am an independent conscious boy. That always puts freedom first. I love writing, reading, photography, videography, analysis, and learning about the unknown. I am a sociable boy.

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It is nice to see yet another person that believes in power up, keep it up 💙