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The online world is full of scams and if that scam happens in a big marketplace then it is not possible to accept it. Today's incident is all about a true story that happened with a reputed user of our community.

So, let's get started, friends.

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Full Story:-

A few days ago, one of our users got an offer in his NFT. So, he is so excited for that. But in order to accept the offer, he has to verify his account, a notice is given. And must have 0.1 ETH in his account to verify.

Now I will explain the matter in detail. Our reputed user @rsalim minted his NFT on OpenSea Marketplace & Listed it. For promoting his NFT, He was dropped the NFT link on OpenSea Official discord server. After a few minutes, A OpenSea moderator texted @rsalim on his DM. And he wanted to take verification of @rsalim. Anyhow, @rsalim was ready for verification. The moderator was suspect that, @rsalim duplicate his NFT from others. This was not possible because of @rsalim know he did;t copy others. So, he was ready for verification.

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He was asked to update his wallet for verification. And he updated his wallet as he said. And this is the danger that Selim does not understand. Another setback came when the scammer banned an NFT from Selim to prove himself a moderator. And the scammer sends him a mail using the official Gmail account of that marketplace. So that Selim doesn't even understand that they are actually trying to scam him.

To increase Selim's curiosity, he was informed that a huge price offer had arrived on his NFT.

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After seeing that, Selim became very interested and he started asking the scammer how he would be verified. The scammer took this opportunity to say that in order to verify the account, he has to keep 0.1 ETH in his MetaMask wallet. Which Selim can withdraw later if he wants.

While Selim was updating his wallet, the scammer hacked his wallet. The only reason for this is that when Selim updated his wallet, he shared the 12-digit phrase he had. This phrase was saved by the scammer. If Selim had deposited 0.1 ETH in his wallet. Then the scammer would have stolen the ETHs and left.

Everyone be careful don't share the private key of your wallet with anyone. Do not log in to any 3rd party wallet except authorized wallet.

Hopefully, You are all love this blog. Thank you so much.

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I am Md. Abu Hena Sarkar. And my nickname is Sagor. I am an independent conscious boy. That always puts freedom first. I love writing, reading, photography, videography, analysis, and learning about the unknown. I am a sociable boy.

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Thank you very much for informing us about this incident. In fact, we should be more careful when dealing with others especially with Digital assets.

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Wow, you wrote a beautiful, conscious and helpful post. I think everyone who publishes nft through the post will be wary. Everyone is on purpose - I was caught, but here I am guided and help by @sagor1233 brother and @Veigo sister which is why I did catch this deception scam. Talk to our community moderators before any of you fall into this trap, they will be able to guide you in a beautiful way. Thank you brother for publish this post

Thanks to the community moderators, we need to be extra careful and vigilant while transacting. Scammer are using different method to steal from users.

I'm glad the community moderators where able to help you.

Thanks for sharing, I hope others learn from this too

This has also happened to my brother. I was very scared. It has been posted to you a little advantage. Thinking that step before you do something like that. Read a lot of your posts have been warned. Brother, thank you very much for us to be aware of.

Thank you so much for presenting this event to us in the form of a story. One of us has been cheated like this. From here we were able to learn.

Thank you very much for coming up with this post. Old members can be awared about such kind of scam which happened couple of days back.

Thanks a lot sir for sharing this important post for all of us. We should be more aware.

Thank you very much @sagor1233 for this very informative post.
I am happy that @rsalim was not scammed of his 0.1eth, it would have been very painful.

To all users out there, please let's always be guided and sensitive to scammers out there, especially when it comes to our private keys

Thanks alot for this info. It it very helpful and I believe we should really be careful and be ready to keep our accounts safe and most times what I have observed in this space is that whenever we are asked to send a certain amount of crypto to somewhere for verification or before we can receive something in such a case there is a high chance that it's a huge scam.

We should be careful not to fall prey to this petty scammers who want to do away with our assets with no conscience at all

Yes everyone should be carefull.

Thank you for the warning able bodied mod, it's so sad to see the lengths people go to for easy cash. One would try to dupe his/ her fellow investor just to make some extra bucks instead of earning it the hard way like others.

I have averted crisis like this before but that one was with phishing links which are meant to gain access to a Steemit users account by offering free 3000 steem.

Take note, there is nothing like free Steem