My Weekly Steem Power Up Activity - 35 STEEM Powered Up - 10k SP Target

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Greetings to Everyone. I hope everyone is doing well? I'll be participating in the Steem Power Up campaign for the first time today, and I plan to keep doing so to grow my Steem Power.


I'm committed to acquiring at least 10,000 SP by the end of December as TFC Power Up Season 3 continues. It may be challenging for me to attain this goal given that I only began using Steemit last year, but I am optimistic that I will be able to accumulate this much SP by the end of the year.

My total SP before powering up was 6,319.664 STEEM. Today, I have powered up a total of 35.073 STEEM.

Wallet Before Power Up

You may view my previous Steem Power amount and the quantity of liquid Steem in my wallet after logging in.


Wallet During Power Up

Here, I clicked power up in the liquid steem section, enter the amount of Steem and sign in with my private active key to confirm the transaction.


Wallet After Power Up

I've finally done my Steem Power up for this week. You can now view my updated wallet balance in Staked Steem.


SP Before Power UpSP After Power Up
6,319.664 SP6,354.664 SP

I increased my Steem holdings in this way this week. I am highly aware of the significance of staking and maintaining staked Steem (Steem Power). I'll keep stepping it up going forward for that reason. I need your support and encouragement to accomplish my target for this year.

WeekThe Steem Powered SP

Thank you and God bless you

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This is a great movement my friend, your power up is huge and keep it up

Nice bro you had powerup 35 steem to your account, my wishes to achieve your target of 10k sp

Good to see a mass power up of 35 steem through your post.

Thank you for visiting.

Thank you for visiting.