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Hello everyone. I am happy to share another post about decentralized applications in the Tron network with members of this community. For a blockchain to be completely transparent, DApps are also important.



Decentralized applications are digital applications built on blockchains or peer-to-peer networks that run to ensure transparency. These applications are built in relation to the core activity of a blockchain. Users can view both current and previous activities on the network at any point in time when they join the network.

The Tron network is one of the fastest networks that has many built-in decentralized applications on it. These applications were not designed to be controlled by a single person or organization, as centralized applications such as Facebook and Twitter are.

Centralized applications are applications built and controlled by a certain group of people. These applications are not decentralized since some data of other users is hidden from others. Users can optionally hide their personal data, such as their contacts, from others, which does not make it a dapp.

Decentralized applications give every individual the opportunity to access its contents and do not limit the user's access to the network. The tron network serves as the foundation for many of these dapps.Some of these dapps are Moon BSC, Sunswap, Tron Saving, Infinity Stones, justlend, wink, oxcash, luminous and many others.


There are over 1400 dapps on the Tron network, and a few of these decentralized applications are listed above. The recognized dapps among them are sunswap, justlend, and luminous.



Sunswap is one of the dapps built on the Tron network. It was also the first decentralized exchange application built on the Tron network. It is a platform where users can exchange TRX20 tokens at the set price of the system without any deduction of commission.



It is also one of the decentralized applications on the tron network. It was a decentralized application built on the Tron network where users could lend, borrow, and deposit their Tron assets to earn interest.

There are many different decentralized applications on the Tron network. They were built for the growth and development of the network. These dapps are simple to use and convenient on the tron network.

Thank you.

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