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Hi all my dear friends. How are you.? I hope fine. I'm also fine by the grace of Almighty. As you all know that I'm an artist. I like to draw any kind of drawing or painting. Most of the time I like to draw a meaningful painting and drawing. Today I have come to share another nft art to show you all.

About the art.

Today I have come to show another nft art. Today I draw the nft art of the beautiful owl, who is enjoying music. I draw this art from my own imagination. It’s another meaningful art . I made it so colourful using different colour. . I draw the art by me . I took about an hour to draw this art.

My feelings.

I feel really well to share this art with you all. Drawing is my most favourite hobby. When I sit to draw unique something I get so much pleasure. Today it’s not different. I'm so much happy to share this art.

Drawing instruments.

  • mobile phone &
  • infinite painter Android app

Step by step drawing process.

Step : 01

At the first step I draw the two black circle as eyes.


Step : 02

Then I draw the shape of the face shape of the owl using black lines on the white pate.

Step : 03

Then I draw the headphone to the ears of the owl. Here I used black line to draw this.

Step : 04

Then I started to apply colour. At first I coloured to the body and to the upside of the head. And I also draw the eyes.

Step : 05

Then I coloured to the face of the owl. And I also coloured to ears, the headphone and the bill of the owl.

Step : 06

Then I started to draw details to the face of the owl. I applied black grassy spot.

Step : 07

Then I applied the white grassy spot. I applied it to the bod and to the head of the owl.

Step : 08

And at the last step I draw the details of the earphone by white colour.

Final output


Concept of the art

You all know that I'm an artist. And I like to draw any kind of creative art. Today I have made another nft art of the beautiful owl who is enjoying music with an earphone. I think everyone like to enjoy music to his free time. And when he feel depressed. I also enjoy music when stay alone and I love it. I thought when an owl enjoying music then how it would be looked. Thinking all about it I made this art.

I minted this art in the largest nft market place OPENSEA, recently.

Categoriesnft art
Devicepoco x2
SoftwareInfinite painter

Thanks all for visiting my post.

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I was really inspired to see a great NFT. Thanks bro for sharing such a beautiful post with us.

I love this art. I have been practicing on my own.

You have done a great art. Listening to music with an owl headphone is a very different art. I like your art very much. Thanks for sharing the beautiful art with us. Good luck to you.

Wow it has been so beautiful !!! Brother 6 has been much better. Thank you.

Hello dearest friend
Thank you very much for giving such an informative post.
I enjoyed going through your post and I hope to read more of your interesting post.

#steem-on 💙