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Hello dear tron-fan-club brothers & sisters.I hope you are all well and you are in good health by the grace of Allah. I am also fine with your prayers and the grace of allah.i am @fahimshahriar13 today i want to review competitive online multiplayer 1v1 battle game is (C.A.T.S)


Today i want to review most popular competitive online multiplayer 1v1 battle game.This game is a popular game in the Play Store and it has been downloaded 50+ millions.I enjoyed playing the game so I thought I'd give a review about this game and talk about what would have happened if this game had been on the Tron blockchain.



Low graphics of this game but the game was very tidy.The game released on play store 19 april 2017.the name of game developer is (zeptolab).
This game has 10 million+ downloads and the rating of this game is (4.3★) on play store.This game is a popular game. This game can be seen on the first page of the Play Store as soon as you enter the Play Store.

In-game screenshot⬆️⬆️

This game is so much easy to play and i think a child age 10-12 can also play this game. Ultimate Battle Bot can be designed, crafted, upgraded and improved. Fight against other players in fast-paced PvP action. Discover dozens of crazy weapons, gadgets and body shapes, including the Ultimate Machine! Defeat your opponents with your unique Battle Bot design. Build a strong team and win games. Make new friends in this game and share your conversations in your gang's chat.
Fight against real gangs around the world to conquer cities in collaborative mode.
Fight against real players and fight to get to the top of the World Championships!

In-game shop screenshot⬆️⬆️

There are two internal currencies in this game one is coin and the other is gems.You can buy gems with real money in this game store. With these gems you can buy weapons, gadgets and body shape of Battle bot.And with these gems you can buy giantbox, super box. From that box you can get Battle bot's gadget, weapon and body shape. And you can get the material to update them. This game shop offers one every week.


bad side of this game(my opinion):The graphics in this game are a bit bad and I think it should be improved.And if only the developer company could make the characters of this game more transparent.Then I think it would be a little better.If the game had another currency included in the Tron blockchain, then users of the game would be able to enjoy the game as well as receive financial support.




Hopefully this game will improve further in the future and take the tron ​​blockchain forward.
If this game was connected to Tron Blockchain then maybe we could all have fun as well as make money and we are having fun playing this game but we are not getting any financial help to play this game. If this game was connected to the Tron blockchain, the download would increase. And the number of players playing this game will increase.
If this game had another currency Trx, we could earn TrX by playing the game and if there were any characters that could be purchased with TrX then the quality of the game would improve.
I think it will contribute a lot if Tron is connected to the blockchain and the users of this game will increase and trx users will increase. And using trx will increase the value of trx. Then this game will become more interesting.
So I hope this game will one day be a blockchain based game. Which will further enhance this game and will benefit both the user of this game and the user of Trx.




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The game you reviewed is awesome..
If this added on crypto will be valuable.
Well explained...

Thanks for your valuable comment.