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Hello dear tron-fan-club friend. I hope you are all well by the grace of allah.Alhamdulillah I'm also well blessing of Allah.i want to review today online multiplayer game called (ZooBa)


The demand for these online multiplayer games in the current era is world wide and I like to play online multiplayer games on my own.So today I want to give a review of an online multiplayer game And I'm going to talk about the Tron blockchain.
The name of the game I am going to review is (ZooBa).



The game released on play store 2 oct 2019.the name of game developer is (wildlife studios).This game has 50 million+ downloads and the rating of this game is (4★) on play store.This game is very easy to play and I have been playing this game for some time now I am almost addicted to this game.this is a great action battle game.You can play this game with your friends and other online players.
I think the specialty of this game is that you will not get tired even if you play this game for some more timetime.

In-gameplay screenshot

These players have to be unlocked by playing games.
In this game 45 players can fight together and the one who survives the battle will win.This game has almost twenty players that can be upgraded and the power can be increased for gameplay and they need coins and gems to increase their power.graphics and gameplay also good of this game.Playing this game is a good way to spend leisure time. This game has twenty characters who have different abilities. To unlock them you need to play a lot of games. And I think it has increased the attraction of the game.

In-game shop screenshot

Premium pass can be purchased with money in this game.If you buy Premium Pass you can get much more including Premium Character, Gold Box, New Character etc.
There are two currencies in this game, one is Gold and the other is gems. With these you can update player, open box instant, change character.

This game is funny, but no one is getting financial help from playing this game. If this game had been linked to the Tron blockchain, gamers might have been able to earn Trx.

What if this game was on tron blockchain?


Everyone is having fun playing this game but we are not getting any financial help from playing this game.
If this game was connected with Tron Blockchain then maybe we could all make money financially while having fun and If this game was connected to Tron blockchain, downloads would increase and the number of players playing this game would increase.
If this game had another currency Trx then we could earn TrX by playing the game and if there were any characters that could be bought with TrX then the quality of the game would be improved.
I think it will contribute a lot if connected to the Tron blockchain and the users of this game will increase.and increase trx users. And the use of trx will increase the trx value.Then this game will become more interesting.
So I hope this game will one day be a blockchain based game.Which will further improve this game and will benefit both the user of this game and the user of Trx.



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Just watched a gameplay video on youtube and it looks like a fun game. I wonder which aspects of the game could be most easily integrated with the tron blockchain and you mentioned:

characters that could be bought with TrX

you mean as NFTs?

Also, why TRX and not WINk?