CROPBYTES - A CRYPTO RELATED GAME.||10% beneficiary for T.F.C||

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How are all the friends of Tron Fan Club. I hope everyone is well. By the grace of God I am also well. Today I am going to post about a crypto related game.


There are many games related to crypto, one of which I am going to review is (Cropbytes).Since this is a crypto related game, it is possible to earn crypto by playing it.And besides earning crypto, playing this game will be fun.



CROPBYTES is a crypto firm game.This game is similar to Clash of Clans to play but the difference between these two games is that it is a crypto related game that we can earn crypto by playing.The game is gaining more and more popularity as the days go by. It is hoped that this game will play a major role in improving the quality of crypto related to this game in the future.Playing this game makes me think that in real life I have given farm and by farming I am earning money.This game is related to Tron, so I think this game will play a major role in improving the quality of TRX in the future.


in-game screenshot⬆️⬆️

Cropbytes is part of the crypto gaming revolution from November 8, 2018. The game is to create your own farm in Metaverse and the ingredients that will come from the farm.They can be earned by trading with players, breeding and trading NFTs.My farm has a cow and a chicken. Game tokens are used to feed cows and chickens. If cows and chickens give milk and eggs, game tokens can be obtained by selling them in the market. And this game token can be converted to trx or usdt. In this way crypto can be earned in this game.

In-game shop screenshot⬆️⬆️

Most of these games you can grow your firm by buying game assets and NFT and growing the firm will increase your business.Basically, the more money you spend on this game, the bigger your business will be.For example if you buy a cow for your farm then the cow will give milk and you can earn game token by selling the milk.

In-game market screenshot⬆️⬆️

I bought Game Token (CBX) by converting corn sheeds (COF) from my game firm and converted Game Token to Trx.
This game has its own exchange market, where you can exchange with a few crypto coins with game coins.But there is a rule in this market that if it is below 25 trx then the transaction cannot be done.

The name of this game developer is cropbytes. This game was created on November 8, 2018. This game has been downloaded 100k+.This game is available on Android.To play this game you need to have Android 5.0 on your Android version.

Download Cropbytes (for android)



I think this game will improve more in the future. The game will work for this game to improve the quality of these crypto coin.If the user of this game increases, the value of tron ​​will increase.Because tron ​​has a relationship with this game. If the user of this game increases then the user of tron ​​will increase and if the user of tron ​​increases then the use of trx will increase. Then the value of trx will increase.This game token (cbx) is not known to everyone. If the main token of this game was trx then this game would be more familiar.Then the users of games and trx will increase and the value will also increase.So I think the developer of this game should think about this.The game can be more useful for us if it is directly in the Tron blockchain, if we can buy and sell game items with TRX which will be more useful for gamers.So in the future these game developers should make their game in TRX Crypto as a game prize. In my opinion.



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Thank you for sharing this with all of us, I hope this is useful.

this game is lot of fun.i downloaded this game yesterday.this is a crypto farming game.

Thank you for visiting my post.

Great crypto game review ❣️
I will definitely try this game..
It should be better one 🤗

Yes it's a better crypto game.thank you for reading my post