Result of TRX Friday Initiative || TRX Staking Date: 20th May, 2022 || [10% for @tron-fan-club]

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TRONIX (TRX) staking contest is going on every week in the Tron Fan Club community. We have fixed Friday as a day of staking TRX. Here, tron lovers can find this initiative very useful for them. We reward 100 trx to top five participants every week for staking TRX on Friday. You can check the original post of that initiative from the LINK

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  1. There is no hard and fast rules. Just you need to share your TRX staking and voting to SRs at GMT on Friday GMT.
  2. Your Post Title Must be: TRX Friday Initiative || (Your Title)
  3. You must use these three tags #trx-friday #tron #tronfanclub in first four tags on your post.
  4. You have to mention amount of TRX collection on that specified week, staking amount in the week and total TRX stake in a table. Besides, you have to share at least three screenshots of staking process along with tronscan link of staking.
  5. Tron Fan Club community Admin and moderator's participation will not be considered for the contest.
  6. You cannot Unstake TRX during participation in the initiative. You have to inform us by creating "Support Ticket" in our Discord server in case of any emergency requirements of Unstake. So, be loyal and try to stake a few every week regularly. If unstaking found, you will be permanently banned to participate in this initiative.

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Sl. No.User NameTRX Staking AmountComments
01@victoh7830Poor Presentation and Not showing Previous, Today and Tatal Stake in Table. Past week post link is of 15 days back.
02@kawsar803545Not showing Previous, Today and Tatal Stake in Table.
05@razuahmed70No Table of Staking History and Presentation is not upto the mark
07@sagor1233144No table of Staking History and Moderator
08@fasoniya50No table of staking history
10@mato44522No Staking Table
11@ronindboss52No comparison Table of Staking
12@weasell88No Table
13@reporter-ann60No Table


Week. No.DateTotal TRX StakeParticipants
016th May, 202290714
0213th May, 202278912
0220th May, 202283213

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I am disappointed again today with the entries this week. In last two weeks, i talked about the rules of participating post but nothing changed by the users. That means, they are not reading posts. So, today i shall not describe the mistakes done by the participants. They should check my previous result posts and contest rules post to know the rules first before participating.
In the comment section, i have specified the reason of disqualify the users. Although the rules is not so strict but still i always focus on reading of contest post by contest participants. This week, again i am considering the participants for vote. Hopefully, from next week, your participating posts will not curated if you again not follow the rules properly. Its odd looking to see you people not to read the contest post rules. Best of luck for you.



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Keep on staking TRX regularly. It’s an initiative to aware members of this community about TRX staking and mining system. Don’t abuse the platform and keep on following rules. You will have possibility of handsome upvote along with contest prize. Thanks and best wishes of all.

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Thank you so much for announcing my name as winner.
I want to give thanks to all the participants ✨

Thank you so much for the update and congratulations to the winners. Sometimes it's not like they don't read the rules but attimes since it's a weekly activity, the assume the rules are basic for example I happen to see the part about table of the details under the last post at the last second. Thanks for the update tho I would endeavor to read and understand everything before posting next time


Very much for your understanding

Congratulations to them⭐

Sorry for the inconveniences sir, on my next staking I'll make sure to make a table. Thanks for the update

Yeah. Please try to read first then participate

Alright thanks ⭐

Thank you for the correction, I'll definitely amend and present a better staking post next time, following all the rules of the initiative.

Congratulations to all the winners

Thank you very much for your understanding the concept

Congratulations to the selected winners

Congratulations to all winners

I'm again happy to be a winner of this Week. Same like, I will surely participate in the next week too. Thank you very much for motivating us to stake more and more TRX

Congratulations to the winners. More wins

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