Result of Foundation Course on Tron (2nd Batch, September/2022)

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Tron Blockchain is a light, fast, secured, scalable, user friendly blockchain network. Many are being adopted with this ecosystem day by day. Tron Fan Club Community is focusing in TRON and Blockchain related issues. We are conducting a Basic course on Tron every month including three lectures. Today, this is the result of one of those batches.

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Link of Question Paper

You can check the question paper of written exam here from the link below-

About the Result

We are very happy announce the result of 2nd batch of Foundation course on Tron. It was wonderful month for me with respected learners. I tried to educate them the basic issues of Tron. I don't know how i performed that job but the reflection from our learners is so good. In many cases, I am really happy with their answers both in written and viva.

Here below, you can see the marksheet of 10 learners participated in this 2nd batch. Out of 10, 6 were graduated that really good. And congratulations to them. Let's congratulate them from all of our members side. Their badge will be given soon.

I tried my best to judge your answer script without any bias but still If you have any query about the answering system or any mismatch, then feel free to ask us by creating a support ticket in our discord server by 1st october, 2022. I had some network issue while conducting your viva. You may misjudged in that time and I am sorry for that. Thanks.

Marks Sheet

SlRoll NumberSteemit IDClass Attendance (30)Written Marks (30)Viva (40)Total (100)Remarks
1B0201@tariqul.bibm0+10+0Not ParticipatedN/P10


Screenshot from our data record


Congratulations to following Learners for successfully completing the course in this Batch


List of Previous Batch Results

Batch No.MonthGraduatedResult Post Link
01August/2022@sikakon @narocky71 @emranhasan @a-h-p @fasoniya @haideremtiaz @marufhhLink1


This is an effort to educate people on Tron Blockchain. I hope interested learners are being benefited from this Tron Basic Course. Thanks for stopping by.

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We got our new 6 Pro TFC Fan. ✅❤️💝
Congratulations to all of them. 😍

Congratulations to graduateed students and new pro tron fans

To be honest, I have learned a lot in this course. It is not possible to express in words. It is good to know that I have passed. Now I hope to give something good to this community.

Thanks for this important Foundation Course. I learned many things. Now I am proud to be a Pro TFC Fan. ❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations to all. Learned a lot from the classes. Best wishes and love to all.

Congratulations to all the graduates 💟

I have learned a lot by doing this important course. One class was missed for which some marks were reduced, but I was happy to see good results

Congrats to all the new pro tron fan participants. You all tried.

Congrats to all the successful candidate, you have all done well