In your opinion... When would it be preferable to use the rhetorical style of writing?

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We all know that rhetoric is one of the most important sciences of Arabic language, and that it, with its three branches of statement, meaning and creativity, is one of the writer's powerful and effective tools to communicate his idea and clarify his message.

Although most of us are lovers of literary and creative writing, there are other types of writing, so some believe that rhetoric may be a double-edged sword in the hands of the writer.

Will we need to use metaphor and metaphor in scientific writing as research writing or study based on facts and theories?!


And will we need analogy or gender in functional writing that is away from dwell and aesthetic images that aim to communicate information and the idea in the best way?!

But on the other hand, have we ever read a novel, for example, devoid of rhetorical benefactors, stylized words and aesthetic images?!

Here comes another question, how do I set the right time to use rhetoric in a way that helps to communicate information and clarify meaning and avoid the possibility of lying the reader amid images and enhancers, which makes him lose meaning and miss the goal and message?

I am prepared with a saying that may carry a contradiction with regard to rhetoric: "Brevity is an authentic characteristic of the Arabic tongue, which is the core of rhetoric", in the words of Abu Al-Sociology (Ibn Khaldun), so how does brevity agree with rhetoric?!

What do you think... Can brevity and eloquence be achieved at the same time? Is the timing indicator for the use of rhetoric only the type of writing or are there other indicators?

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