Dear writers... Do you believe that writing has become a profession of the un profession?

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Most of us have heard this expression of writing and described it as a profession of no profession, but perhaps it is not the only profession described as this, when I was working as a tour guide I always heard this term that "tourism is a profession of no profession", it is clearly an expression used by people to describe a profession that many people employ without considering the qualifications of these workers to practice this profession, and I think some of you have heard of it in his field as well.

Who's a writer who hasn't read , even a little, to Professor Sneh Al-Bessie?

Didn't you say in the article "Writing Ratios" the first articles of her wonderful book "Egypt, Boys", that (in our time there is no longer a difference between the writer's job and other jobs, but we find the difference clearly in the profession itself)?

Did she mean the difference between writers and clerks? Who writes for passion and who writes for the good? Who writes creatively and who writes with dictation?


This statement was greatly influenced by Tawfiq al-Hakim when I first read it when he described the state of writing in his time, saying: "In this time, feet have become more important than pens," referring to those who prioritized relations, interests and favoritism, did not take into account their conditions, nor their elders, distorted the image of writing to achieve their purposes and made it in the eyes of society a "profession of those without a profession"!

In your opinion... Do you agree or disagree with the description of writing as a profession of the un profession? Is the majority a book or a clerk?
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