End your ego before it ends you - mnemonixART introduction

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After more than 25 international publications in art and literature magazines, being awarded for a poem in German mnemonix ART is bringing abstract digital art to a new level.

All work, poetry, paintings and digital art is the try to grasp the complexity and colorfullness of existence.






There is something that is beyond words,
something that cannot be expressed in speech,
something that cannot be thought of with the mind,
something that is the very thing that thinks the thoughts.
It is something that cannot be seen with the eyes,
something that is the very thing that sees through the eyes.
It is something that cannot be heard with the ears,
something that is the very thing that hears through the ears.

This Brahman is known by those who see all things as equal,
above all dualities,
without any doubt or illusion.
It is neither this nor that.

It is the sound of one hand clapping,
the eternal hum,
the beginning of all beginnings,
the end of all endings.

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